Hey folks,

Thought whilst I had 5 spare minutes I’d pop on here and check in!

Things are going okay, mostly. I am getting very tired though, and it’s beginning to show. I’m getting really emotional and a bit grumpy sometimes. But overall, it’s not too bad. Jessica is sleeping pretty well at night, which helps. Had a busy weekend though, so am flagging a bit tonight. Got a busy week ahead too, so need to make the most of tomorrow being bank holiday and having hubby at home.

Tuesday I’ve got a lunch date with a friend; Wednesday Jessica and I have our 8 week post natal check up; Thursday the health visitor is coming and we’ve got baby group and then Friday, nothing planned as yet. Will probably just chill out at home to be honest.

I’m still really enjoying being a mum though, Jessica is doing really well and changing daily. We’re getting lots of smiles, gurgles and coos now, which is amazing and sweet. I love her smile so much, it melts my heart every time. Bless her.

The first of September is fast approaching, so we’ll be getting our notice to move out of here (hurrah!!!!). I honestly can’t wait. I’m liking living here less and less every day. The flat is so small and we have acquired a fair bit of stuff since having Jessica, and we’re just tripping over each other now. And then there’s the neighbours….less than pleasant to live beneath. So so noisy. They have a teenage son, who has his mates round a lot, and they cause us a lot of grief. Many a time they’ve woken Jessica with loud music or shouting and swearing. It’s driving me to despair. But, as soon as we get that notice, we’ll be heading to the council to get their help in finding somewhere else. Hopefully it’ll be a house rather than a flat, and in a nicer area. Fingers and toes crossed for us folks, we need all the luck we can get.

Anyway, there’s bottles to wash and sterilise, so I best be getting on! Thanks for reading, if you have done so!

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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