New Year Update!!

Hey folks,

Huge, huge apologies for not blogging in so long!! It’s been a crazy couple of months to be honest and a lot has happened! So, I am here to update you all and hopefully get back on track with my blog and post more often again! I’ve missed it to be honest!!!!

Well, where to start….

As you all know, I quit smoking on 2nd November 2015. And I’m delighted to say it’s stuck this time, and I’m still smokefree πŸ™‚ having some really great news on the same day as my first quit day really helped to motivate me though. Also on the 2nd of November, I found out I’m pregnant!!!! Dreams came true and year made! There was no doubt I’d stay smokefree from there onwards!

Because of morning sickness though, I’ve not visited the gym since 11th November!! Shocking I know…. I really do miss it. It used to be my second home haha. I had to stop training with my PT as well, as it was too much and I didn’t want to cause any harm to baby.

I’ve also put my Personal Trainer course on hold; as I was unable to do the practical exams now that I’m pregnant. It’s on hold for a year, so I won’t have to worry about it until end of this year, when baby will be here πŸ™‚

I’m now 14 weeks pregnant, and the morning sickness is starting to ease slightly; it’s now more just the evenings, whereas to start with I felt sick all day every day! I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant so far haha! But it’ll all be worth it.

We had the first scan this week too, to make sure everything was okay and to date the pregnancy officially. Baby was measuring 13 weeks and 5 days, so my due date is July 8th πŸ™‚ 6 months from today!! All is well though, and it was such an amazing experience to see our baby for the first time; and amusing when the sonographer wiggled the scanner on my tummy, and baby turned it’s back on us, showing us it’s bottom! We did buy some scan photo’s too, and I can’t stop looking at them! I’m so in love already! The next scan is on the 19th February, when I’ll be 20 weeks, halfway! It’s going so fast, it’s kind of frightening haha. We’re not going to find out the sex of the baby though, we’re keeping it as a surprise for when it’s born. As hubby pointed out, you don’t get many surprises in life, and this one will be rather epic!

I’m so excited, and rather terrified! Being a mummy is all I’ve ever wanted, and we’ve been trying for a baby for 5 years, so it’s been a long time coming. In the back of my mind I’m constantly worrying though, hoping and praying that nothing goes wrong, and seriously can’t wait to meet him or her and hold them in my arms.

Here is our beautiful baby:


It has caused a few complications regarding my medication though for the bipolar. They had to change the anti-psychotic to a safer one asap, and I’ve got to go back and see the psychiatrist throughout my pregnancy, so they can keep an eye on my mental health. That side of it is a little frustrating, as I never really got on with the psychiatrist, always found her to be so patronising and she never really listened to me. Maybe things will be different this time around, fingers crossed. I’ve also got to be under a consultant at the hospital as well.

As far as my mental health goes at the moment, I’m feeling great. Over the moon at the thought of being a mummy, honestly couldn’t be happier right now. When I see the psychiatrist later on this month, I am going to say that I want to come off the anti-psychotics though; as I’ve read that it can cause problems when taken through the third trimester. So I want off. It’s completely my right to request that too, so she can’t really tell me no. As long as I stay on the anti-depressant I think I’ll be okay anyway. As depression was my main problem over the years.

I’ve just realised that really the only thing that’s happened since I last posted is the pregnancy haha. And that’s all I’ve seemed to talk about in this post…. ah well, it’s all good!

I hope you all forgive me for being so quiet; I do appreciate you all still and have missed talking to you. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and I wish you all the best for 2016. I hope it’s an awesome year for us all!!

I shall leave it there for tonight as I’m completely exhausted and bed is calling me! So, thank you for reading and I hope you’ll still all be there for me on this new and exciting adventure in my life πŸ™‚

Take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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