6th December

Hey folks,

So sorry for being so slack at writing recently! I’m still here, plodding on day to day, and getting through best I can! My moods have been reasonably stable lately, so that’s good. I kind of feel like I’m just on cruise control, I guess that’s not such a bad thing!! It’s better than being depressed or manic that’s for sure.

Christmas is fast approaching though, and I’m getting a tad stressed about that. Can’t afford much for anyone, and nothing for each other either, which sucks. I know the true meaning of Christmas isn’t about gifts, it’s about being with each other. But there’s a lot of expectation surrounding it, and that’s what really bugs me to be honest. People shouldn’t expect gifts, as times are tough and people just can’t afford to splurge these days.

Life is just ticking along though, and as I said above, I’m just getting by day to day really. Not making any big plans, as they never seem to work out anyway! But I am loving life at the moment, well mostly. In a bit of debt which is also stressing me out, but hopefully I’ll find a way to resolve it. Not sure how, but there’s got to be a way somehow. It’s nothing new to me to be honest, so really I shouldn’t be stressing about it….

Anyway, think that’s all from me really; just thought I’d check in a let you all know I’m still alive, haha!! Hope you’re all well and doing okay. Apologies again for my slacking on the posting front, will try to get back to it regularly.

Thanks for reading folks, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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