30th October

Hey folks,

Feeling pretty good today; went for my run this morning, in the rain! Was pretty slow at 17:30 with an average mile pace of 12:48, but I’m going to blame the rain haha! I then hit the gym hard and smashed my upper body! Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and lats. Felt really good, and by the end my arms were shaking like mad! Loved it 😀 I did – warm up on the rower for 5 minutes at level 6 resistance, then strict shoulder press, lateral raise, bench press, pec flys, seated row, lat pull, bicep curls and tricep pushdowns. Feeling it now to be honest, everything is starting ache haha. My legs were already aching from my PT sessions. It’s all good though.

This afternoon I went to drop off the keys to my now ex boss. I’m no longer working as her housekeeper. I won’t go into it on here though, too complicated!

So I’m on the hunt for a job, preferably in a gym! At the moment though, my priority has to be preparing for my assessment. I’m still looking for people to practice on as well, but no one seems keen for some free training! It’s frustrating me, because if I don’t practice, I’m going into my assessment under prepared. Which could lead to me failing, something I really want to avoid. As I can’t afford the £100 to be re-assessed at a later date. Fingers crossed someone will say yes!

Diet wise, it’s all gone a bit wrong today. Made my first ever apple crumble this afternoon, so had that for pudding after dinner. It was really nice, but the calories worked out really high because of all the sugar! Never mind, tomorrow is a new day to try again!! I’ve worked out hard today, so did kind of earn some of it any way.

Anyway, best get back to my revision now, need to learn it all back to front and inside out!
Thanks for reading as ever folks, hope you’ve all had a good week, and have a great weekend. We have no plans as yet, just chilling out mostly, and revising for me haha. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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