29th October

Hey folks,

Been a bit of an up and down kind of day today; this morning I had work (dog walk), then a job interview. Which incidentally I didn’t get, have already had an e-mail saying I’ve been unsuccessful. Which sucks. But that’s life. After my interview, I got ready and headed off to the gym for my second PT session. Strength training today, and it was ace! Smashed out some new personal bests!! Did 45kg squats for 3 reps, and 57.5kg Deadlift for 1 rep! Sooooooo proud of myself!!! Am much stronger than I thought, and I’m loving it. I’ve really enjoyed training twice a week as well, so am hoping I can afford to keep that up, as now my freebie sessions are over sadly.

I’m aching like mad now, but feeling really good. Love my training, and the progress I’m making is awesome.

Since I got home, I’ve been e-mailing gyms to see if anyone will take me on as a trainee. I’m really hoping to get into the fitness industry and start living my dream. It’s my passion, and I’ve got the drive and dedication, all I need now is the opportunity to prove myself.

Right, will leave it there for today, as want to get cracking on some more revision ready for my assessment.

Thanks for reading as always folks, means a lot to me. Take care, stay strong, and remember, it’s Friday tomorrow, yay!!
Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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