25th October

Hey folks,

Just a quick one tonight as I’m exhausted and not got a lot to report really haha!

Had a really lush lay in until 11am, so got 9 and a half hours sleep, felt great! Just chilled out this morning, then had some lunch and went for a walk with hubby, which was nice. Then I got stuck into more coursework. Worked for near on 6 hours straight (did take a few breaks, don’t worry!), but got a lot done. Just a few bits to finish off and I’ll be all set for my assessment. Well, paper work wise any way! Practical side of things is going to need a lot of practice between now and then!! 15 days to go….

I’ve got some cracking doms today as well after my 2 PT sessions. Love it though, means I’ve worked my muscles well 😀

Diet wise, hmmm, not been great, but not too bad. Earned some calories with the walk, but still went over by a hundred and something (can’t remember!). Back on track tomorrow for sure!

Right, am gonna call it a night and chillax for a while before bed, need to try and switch my brain off, it’s currently on overdrive! Thanks for reading as always, hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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