24th October

Hey folks,

Been a pretty good day today; had my PT session this morning, which was awesome. Did strength training today and cracked some more personal bests! Did a 35kg squat and a 40kg deadlift! Well proud of that. My PT reckons that my 1 rep max would be 45kg, so we’re going to see if that’s right next time I think. Love strength training to be honest, it’s my favourite. Got another 2 sessions booked in for next week, Wednesday at 9am for conditioning training and Thursday at 12pm for more strength training. I love having 2 sessions a week, feels like I’m really getting my fitness back and I love it!

The rest of my day has been fairly chilled out, well apart from this evening haha. This afternoon I was planning on doing course work, but my body had other ideas, so I took a nap instead! Was shattered after my PT session to be honest. Which is unusual for me, as usually I’m really pumped! So I know it’s been a long week!! So I tackled my coursework after dinner instead. Have only just put it away, so have done it for about 4 hours or so. Which sounds like a long time (well, it is!), but it’s flown by to be honest. Didn’t realise what the time was until I was getting in a stress about something and hubby was like “leave it for tonight, it’s gone 10pm!”. So I put my books away and logged in here to write to you lovely people!

I’ve got quite a lot done tonight though, so that’s good. But still have a lot left to do. I’ve got to somehow fit my full session plan into 60 minutes, which feels impossible right now. It’s like playing tetris with time! I’ll work it out somehow tomorrow. But tonight I planned my prep and cool down stretches, finished off my risk assessment and detailed session plans for cool down. I need to go over the pre-consultation questions again to be honest, as I don’t think some of them are right! But that’s for another day.

Diet wise it’s been a shocking day again! Munched my way through about 2,500 calories, which isn’t good at all. With weigh in next week, it’s going to be bad! I really need to get my head back in the game and stick to my 1,800 per day, otherwise things will go in the wrong direction. And that’s not what I want at all, obviously.

I’ve got the quit smoking clinic on Monday evening, so that’s the next step in my health and fitness journey. I need to get it done, sooner rather than later. It’s really frustrating me, and I feel like a really bad example as a PT to be honest. In a way I’m glad I’m not qualified yet, because it wouldn’t look good! But it’ll happen, hopefully before my assessment. Although I’m worried about not having cigarettes to keep me calm on that day….

I can’t remember if I told you my decision on Rock Choir, but if not I shall now! I decided to leave for a while, to focus on my course. As I’ve got so much on with that, and work as well, that getting to RC was proving to be a challenge. So I took it out of the equation temporarily. I do miss it, but I can always go back when I’m ready. At the moment though, my main focus is qualifying as a PT. It’s my dream, and I’m going to work hard to achieve it. I’m determined to pass my assessment next month, and then move on to level 3 Personal Training.

Anyway, I think it’s soon time for bed, so I shall call it a night with this now. Thanks for reading as always folks, you’re all ace! Hope you’re all having a great weekend. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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