23rd October

Hey folks,

Just a quick one tonight, as I’m physically and mentally exhausted!

Today’s been a good day though; had my PT session, which was as ace as ever. Did some conditioning work today, and have another session tomorrow where we’re going to focus on strength training.

Been doing my client consultation paperwork this evening, so my head is spinning right now. So much paper work left to complete before assessment day as well, it’s crazy. But, still just over 2 weeks to get it done, so there’s still time! And hopefully my client is coming to my gym for a practice session between now and the big day as well, so that’ll help.

Diet wise I’ve not done very well to be honest; I’ve just been so hungry all day, I’ve munched my way through over 2000 calories! Admittedly I did burn 265 at my PT session, so it’s allowed for a little bit of an over, but am still 51 too far over! Which isn’t ideal, but it’s better than I’ve done so far this week!

Right, sorry folks, am calling it a night! So so tired. Thanks for reading anyways, take care, stay strong and have a great weekend! Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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