20th October

Hey folks,

So another day down! Day two is done 🙂 and my brain is fried! Feels like it’s been through a blender. Seriously a lot of information to take in and I did find it hard to be honest. It was all about resistance machines, and what I found hard was the fact that all the equipment is so different to what I’m used to at my gym. They’re called different things and work in different ways. So getting my head around that has been a hard task! But, with practise I’ll get there 🙂 I might stay on after the last day of the course to run through my programme to familiarise myself with all the equipment that I’ll be teaching on my assessment day.

I’ve pretty much planned out my session, just need to tweak it and add in the warm up and cool down stretches. My client’s goal is to complete a triathlon, so my plan is tailored to suit that goal. All the exercises will be designed to improve endurance and strength. I’m going to look into information on-line about triathlons and how people prepare for them to help me. I’m determined to make it a really good gym programme and pass the assessment!

I’m really enjoying the course though, and in a way am looking forward to the assessment day. Sounds odd I know! Of course I’m terrified too haha. But, it’s just another step in the right direction to becoming a Personal Trainer.

My PT has been his amazing self and helped me out with various things when I’ve been stuck! As well as my friend who is a PT as well. Between the two of them I have amazing resources only a message away, and it’s really taught me a lot already.

Tomorrow we’ll be reviewing our CV (cardiovascular) 2 element, and 1 resistance machine exercise with our clients. Then moving on to learning about free-weights. I’m looking forward to it. As the weeks gone on, my nerves has been replaced with excitement and an appetite for learning. Granted am totally wiped out after just two days, and will probably collapse in a big heap Thursday evening haha. But it’s all good and am really loving it. Being a PT was only ever a dream for me, but now it’s becoming a reality and am really excited about my future.

My diet has been a little off plan today; went over my calories considerably with some salted caramel popcorn this evening! But I’m not going to stress about it. I have two PT sessions this week, so whatever damage I do between now and Friday will soon be worked off haha.

Right, that’s all from me for tonight. Going to have a cuppa and get myself to bed. Day three tomorrow, bring it on!

Thanks for reading folks, you’re all ace. Hope you’re having a good week! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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