12th October

Hey folks,

Had a bit of a weird day today; a little bit down and little bit up, and then a crazy high after the gym!

Went for my run first thing, and smashed it! Was well happy. Did 1.42 miles again, but was 35 seconds quicker than Friday, and my average mile pace was 20 seconds quicker. Making improvements already which is awesome. My overall time was 17:03, with an average mile pace of 12:02!

After that I had my breakfast and headed off to work to walk the dogs. That went okay. Nothing really exciting to report there haha.

I then took a bit of a nap until lunch time, only got 5 and half hours sleep last night, so was pretty tired. I do well at the weekends with my sleep, but week-nights I just can’t switch off for some reason. It’s so annoying. It then has repercussions on my day, and I really start to flag after a while. The nap helped set me up for the gym though.

Totally smashed leg day today; setting new personal bests on the leg press at 52kg, the leg extension at 25kg and did a 150m sprint on the rower in 37 seconds. Really pleased with how it all went, I even tackled my nemesis, the calf press! Fingers crossed that keeping the weight low won’t result in too much pain tomorrow! After the last time I used it with my old PT, I’m a bit nervous of it! But then he really didn’t know what he was doing, and never cooled me down afterwards. Whereas today I made sure to do cool down stretches after the workout was done! Since training with my new PT I’ve learnt so much, and can see all the flaws in my old PT now. At the time I was none the wiser, knowing very little about fitness and training, so trusted him to know what he was doing. But unfortunately he really didn’t. I never saw the results I’m getting now either, all I did was put on weight from building so much muscle. There was no fat burning involved, just using resistance machines all the time. My new PT is awesome, the variety in my sessions is ace, and he doesn’t rely on machines to train me. He actually has imagination and puts together awesome sessions for me, which I really enjoy. I do hope that I can be as good a PT as he is, then I’ll be happy! At least my old PT has taught me something – how not to PT! Haha.

Did really well on my diet today as well; coming in at just over 1,800 calories, and burning over 400 in exercise. So it’s all good, am really pleased to be back on plan. Feels so good to be back in control and knowing that it’ll get me results. I’m working hard to reach my goals, and I will get there in time. I just need to be patient! My progress may be slow, but at least it’s progress of some sort. Having 3 weeks off has really set me back though, so now I have to work doubly hard to get my fitness levels back and get the ball rolling on my weight loss again!

Also today, I attempted to quit smoking. However, with stress levels shooting through the roof this morning, I failed. But, tomorrow is another day to try again, and that’s what I’m planning to do. With 6 days to go until my course, I’ve really got to knuckle down and get it done. I know that I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to do it, but I really don’t want to be a smoker when I go. A smoking pt-to-be is not a good look! I do want to quit, I really do. I’m just finding it so hard dealing with money worries and other such stresses. Having time off work has really affected the finances, and I’m struggling to make ends meet. With direct debits bouncing left, right and centre, I’m pretty frazzled.

Anyway, that’s enough waffle from me for one night! Thanks for reading as always, means so much to me. Hope you all had a great Monday! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


4 thoughts on “12th October

  1. You’re making progress and finding a balance with your workouts, that’s the important thing! Congrats on setting a new running record for yourself! If quitting smoking is anything like losing weight, maybe focusing on your progress and doing your best with it each day might be better than setting a deadline or making it so pressurized. Plus as a personal trainer, it might be beneficial for your clients to see you working on your own habits as well, that you’re trying hard and working on yourself. Just a thought 🙂

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