14th September

Hey folks!

Well, what can I say? What a weekend I’ve just had!! It was exhausting and emotional, but so worth it. I’m so so tired though, as I didn’t get any sleep over the night, was just buzzing the whole time to be honest, and I don’t really ‘do’ camping! I took a sleeping bag, but it never got used! Spent the night drinking coffee and sitting in the sports pavillion to keep warm, as it got pretty chilly over night! Every so often I’d go out and stick in a few laps of the track for something to do, and then my night shift was 4:30am-6am. It soon went though, and I watched the sun rise, which was beautiful.

I arrived around 11:30am on the Saturday, and the event kicked off at 12pm. The atmosphere was incredible. There was live music on and off throughout the day, as well as themed laps, like the bra lap, pants lap and onesie lap! I didn’t partake in any themed laps though. Around 8.30pm, was the candle of hope ceremony; all around the track, they had put out decorated bags with battery operated tea lights, it looked beautiful in the dark. Lighting up the track, and we all took a slow walk round to look at them all. After that was a huge firework display, which was pretty cool.

It was so peaceful during the night, just the low hum of people chatting as they walked the track, or sat in their camps drinking hot chocolate! It was almost kinda magical really, everyone there for the same reason, to fight back against Cancer.

So far I have raised £45, with my target being £50. So if you’d like to donate and help me reach my target I’d really really appreciate it! You can do so here: http://relay.cancerresearchuk.org/goto/ssumner

Despite being sore, swollen, have the mother of all blisters on my little toe, and utterly exhausted…. I’m glad that I took part. I felt so proud when we reached the end of the 24 hours, of both myself for taking part in the first place, and proud of the team! We all took our turns to walk the track, and it was a good laugh too. I met some lovely people, including Cancer survivors too, who each took their turns to walk the track also. It was truly awesome.

Anyway, that was my weekend!! My diet was a complete write off! With burgers, chocolate, cakes and other such junk food, keeping me going for the duration! I’ve also gone over my calories today, as I’ve just been so hungry during my recovery day. But it doesn’t matter 🙂 I do have weigh in on Wednesday with my PT though, so need to be a little careful between now and then! I’ve spent the majority of my day asleep in bed, as the exhaustion proper hit me hard. I did manage to get a couple of hours when I got home yesterday, and then slept pretty well last night, but yet I was still so tired! I guess it’s natural.

Right, that’s enough from me for today, normal service should now resume from tomorrows post onwards!

Thanks for reading, and for those of you that have sponsored me, thank you so much!
Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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