6th September

Hey folks,

Nearly forgot to write this tonight! Had such a laid back, chilled out day, that I was in a world of my own to be honest!

Don’t really have a lot to report to be fair though, as haven’t really done much today. Got up fairly late, around 11ish, after another lush 8 hours sleep, so felt better for that. Then spent most of the day just relaxing, listening to music and watching tv. Tried to do some studying, but my mind kept wandering, so didn’t get very far!! I was quite productive though, and got the laundry done, as well as a banner for our team for Relay For Life next weekend. It’s not finished yet, but still got time.

I’ve been back on my diet today, 100%. Needed to after yesterdays epic fail! Just survived the day on junk food and then a really late night Chinese! But today I’ve really been good, and stuck below the 1800 calorie mark, so it’s all good.

I’m pleased to say last nights altercation has been resolved though, so that’s another good thing 🙂 things are a lot calmer now and all involved are speaking to each other, so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is a pretty busy day for me; up for my run first thing, followed by work for half hour at 9:30am, then doctors at 12pm and a clinic appointment at 3pm! Then Tuesday I start my new job, eek! Kind of looking forward to it, but also really nervous too. It’s quite a daunting prospect being in charge of someone else’s house!!

Anyway, going to chill with the hubby now and watch a movie, so will leave it there for tonight! Thanks for reading folks, you’re all awesome. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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