2nd September

Hey folks,

Really struggling at the moment; things just don’t seem to be improving and I just don’t know why. I have been pretty erratic with my medication taking lately though, so that probably isn’t helping. But I’ve just felt so rotten that I’ve forgotten about them half the time.

Went for my run this morning and it was shit. Nearly 30 seconds slower at 1.39 miles in 16:25, and my average mile pace was 11:48, compared to my Monday run in the rain, it’s shocking. It’s like I’ve gone 10 steps backwards 😦

After that, I just felt so low and run down, that I bailed on the gym and took myself off to bed with my Harry Potter DVD box-set. Spent the whole day in bed, dozing and watching movies. Could of quite happily have stayed there to be honest. When I came down for a smoke about 5ish, all I wanted to do was go back up there and crawl back under the covers.

Oh how I hate bipolar disorder 😦

Going to leave it there for today, as really not got anything else to say to be honest. Thanks for reading anyways.
Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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