28th August

Hey folks,

Pretty good day today, especially my run this morning, totally smashed it! Did 1.43 miles in 15:59! So so close to the 15 minute mark that I’m aiming for. My average mile pace was 11:10 per mile. So that’s come down by nearly half a minute as well. Really proud of myself! Felt great and my pace is getting quicker when I run, I’m actually running not jogging now 🙂 Loving it.

After that I jumped in the shower (not literally!), then headed off to the gym. Sounds crazy to have a shower then go to the gym, I know! But that’s just the weirdness that is me haha. Here’s what I did at the gym:

Warm up on the Rower for 5 minutes on Level 4, burning 54 calories.

Tri-sets on Biceps

1 set with 5kg DB’s
1 set with 4kg DB’s
Bicep Curls x12
Reverse Bicep Curls x12
Hammer Curls x12

Bent Over Row
4 x10 with 5kg DB

Seated Row
2 x10 @ 18kg
2 x10 @ 25kg

Lat Pulldown
Wide grip – 2 x10 @21.3kg and 2 x10 @ 28.3kg
Close grip – as above

And that was my workout done. Burned 119 calories. I left out shoulders today as we worked them really hard at Ladies Tone yesterday. Upping my weights felt really good, and shows I’m getting stronger. Am well happy about that!

After the gym I walked into town, which is about a mile or so (tracked it to see!). Got myself some new shoes for a wedding that we’re going to next weekend, as all I own is trainers! Need to sort out an outfit as well at some point. Tried on some size 12 trousers in Primark and couldn’t get them done up!! Their sizing is ridiculous, as I’m a 10/12 everywhere else I go! Had to leave them as they were sale ones and didn’t have any bigger sizes 😦

I then got myself some lunch and headed home. Since then I’ve been working out the bills/money/finances, fun fun fun! Always too many things going out and not enough coming in, but hopefully that’ll change really soon when I start working again. Am hoping to get the housekeeper job, am seeing the lady for a second interview tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed for me folks!

Diet wise I’m doing really well; including my dinner (which I’ve already tracked), I’m sitting at just over 1,200 calories. So leaves plenty for dessert later on 🙂

Anyway, time for me to sign off now, and get dinner sorted. Have a great weekend lovely people!

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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