27th August

Hey folks,

Blogging early again to allow for a chilled evening. Am tired as!

Been a good day though, went to the gym for ladies tone this morning; the usual PT that takes the class was off as it’s his birthday, so we had a different PT take it. It was killer! So many squats, weighted ones and bodyweight ones, jump squats, side lunges, bench press, bent over row, crunches, planks, shoulder press and lateral raises. I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten as well haha. It was seriously intense, but awesome! Really enjoyed it and am sure feeling it in my legs now!

This afternoon I went to see a lady about a housekeeping job. It sounds really good and pays really well too! So now I have a tricky decision to make. As I’m due to start my nanny job in September :/ and I can’t do both as the days clash. I know which I’d prefer to do, but it’s tricky as I’ve signed a contract for the nanny job, so not quite sure how to get out of it now. I guess circumstances do change, so they’ve probably experienced it before, but I’m just a bit scared of telling the boss. I’ve still got to get the housekeeping job signed and sealed first, before I do anything about the nanny job. So watch this space!

Diet wise I’ve done really well, burned a lot of calories today, and earned my dinner of nachos! One of my fave meals for sure.

Feeling really good right now, and hoping it stays that way. I love feeling on top of the world!

I’m looking forward to my run tomorrow, although with the way my legs feel right now, it may be harder than usual! But will still get out there and get it done, then the gym after that for back, shoulders and biceps!

Right, going to hit the books for an hour or so until hubby gets home, so I shall leave it there for today. Thanks for reading as always, means the world to me!

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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