24th August

Hey folks,

Been a really good day today; am feeling really good, although rather tired, again!

It’s been a reasonably busy day though, started off with my run this morning, which I was really happy with. Post injury, so paced myself a bit and kept it steady. I did 1.39 miles in 16:51, with an average mile pace of 12:06. Didn’t feel any pain, which was brilliant. Looking forward to Wednesday’s run, to see if I can get back to my pre injury pace. I am finding I’m running quicker now, and not walking so much, so am definitely making good progress. I’ll be upping it to two miles fairly soon, once I can run the whole mile, which I feel I’m slowly but surely getting closer to. Just need to quit the smokes!!

Today was meant to be the day, but just wasn’t feeling it to be honest. Plus I still had smokes left from the weekend, so it was a recipe for disaster really. Ah well, soon I hope….

After my run, I got myself showered and ready for the gym. Went this morning on my own because my buddy had to work, but still smashed my session. 40 minutes of strength training, woop! Here’s what I did….

I warmed up on the rower, on level 3, for 5 minutes, burning 48 calories.

The Smith machine was being used, so couldn’t do my usual bench press! Instead I did: \

Chest Press with 3kg Dumbbells 4 x 10
Chest Flys with 3kg Db’s 4 x 10
Dumbbell Pullovers with a 4kg Db 4 x 10

Tri-set on shoulders x3 with 3kg Db’s
Shoulder Press x 12
Lateral Raise x 12
Front Raise x 12

Tricep Kickbacks 4 x 10 with 3kg Db’s
Triceps Extension (machine) 4 x 10 @ 18kg, 23kg, 27kg and 32kg
Seated Dip (machine) 4 x 10 @ 23kg, 27kg, 32kg and 36kg.

I upped my tri-sets today, and did 3 instead of 2, which was tough! But, I powered through. The Dumbbell Pullovers were new to me, so that was an experiment with weight. Will probably up it to maybe 6kg next time. Will see how I feel on the day. Definitely felt it in my chest though, so that’s the main thing!

After the gym, I came home and demolished a massive chicken salad! Was so hungry, strength training works up such an appetite. I made sure my lunch was rich in protein with the chicken, to repair my muscles from the workout 🙂

Then this afternoon I just kind of dozed on the sofa for a while, as have been so tired today. Only got 5 and a half hours sleep last night, although it wasn’t as restless as usual, so am hoping that by changing my medication to the day time, it’s helping me get better quality sleep, even if it is only small amounts!

I’m finishing the day on 1,823 calories, with a calorie burn of 377. So going over the 1,800 mark by 23 isn’t an issue at all. I’m glad I’ve dropped it down to be honest. Myfitnesspal reckons that I’ll be 75.4kg in 5 weeks, if every day is like today. So that’s what I’m aiming for! I’m going to weigh myself at the weekend to see if I’ve lost the gain that I got last week too. Then not weigh myself any more until my official weigh in with my PT.

Right, that’s enough waffle from me for one day! Thanks for reading folks, hope you’re all well. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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