17th August

Hey folks,

Just a quick check in tonight as it’s getting late, and I’m pretty tired. But a few things to tell you all! 🙂

This morning I had a really lush lay in, and then totally smashed my run! I ran my furthest distance of 1.41 miles, and in my quickest time of 16:28 and my quickest mile, with an average pace of 11:39!! Well proud of that! I’m getting quicker when I run, and walking less and less, which is great. I’ve rediscovered my love of running, am really enjoying it.

After that was lunch, then the gym for chest, shoulders and triceps. Which I smashed as well haha. My arms are so sore right now, but it’s all good! Here’s what I did:


The tricep kickbacks I did with 4kg dumbbells also. Just forgot to write it on there before I screenshot it! oops!

Felt really good, and was really proud of my weights on the triceps extension!

Diet wise I’ve done really well too, coming in at just over 1300 calories, although I may have some sort of protein snack shortly to bring it up a little, as that is quite low for me to be honest. Not a big deal though necessarily! Tomorrow will be a little more calorific as I’m getting a tattoo done!

Anyway, that’s it from me for tonight, eyes are crossing and my head hurts haha. Thanks for reading as always folks, you’re all wonderful 🙂 take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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