14th August

Hey folks,

Today’s been a really good day to be honest! Went for my run this morning, and apart from a downpour of rain, it went really well. I did 1.39 miles in 17 minutes 11 seconds, which was an improvement of 16 seconds on my Wednesday run on the same route. I think in a way the rain helped to make me run more, but it was damn hard! Especially as I wear glasses, I needed window wipers haha!

This is a comparison shot of my first run, with today’s run:


So my average mile pace has improved by 1 minute and 14 seconds! Not a bad effort in two weeks! 🙂 Really proud of myself and I will continue to smash it every time! Determination will prevail haha.

I also smashed it at the gym this afternoon too, I warmed up on the rower for 5 minutes, then here’s what I did:


Next time I intend to up the weight of my bent over row, as it was a bit tame today! Not done them before though, so was focusing on form rather than weight. But now I know how to do them, I can up the weight. It’s a really good back exercise. I can sure feel it this evening, and my biceps and shoulders are pretty buzzing too!

After the gym, I headed into town to get some new running gear. After a bit of a trouser malfunction the other day, I needed some that weren’t going to fall down! I thought I’d best try them on first before I bought them, so took a size 12 and a size 10 into the changing rooms. I didn’t need the 12’s though, because I tried on the 10’s first, just to see how far off I was, and to my amazement, THEY FITTED! Am well happy with that!! I was not expecting them to fit at all, so it’s really made my day.

Tomorrow is my PT session in the afternoon, as well as weight check, eek! I really want to drop into the 70kg range, but I don’t think I’m quite there just yet. As long as I get a loss compared to last time, I’ll be happy though. If it keeps going in the right direction I’ll get into the 70’s soon enough 🙂 There’s no real rush to be honest, as my body is changing and I’m seeing the results that way too, which I love. I managed to get a pair of jeans on that I couldn’t get up past my thighs a couple of months back! So that in itself shows me that it’s all working, and my hard work is paying off. Results over excuses, every day of the week!

My diet has been on point today, am sitting at just over 1800 calories, with over 300 burned off in exercise, so am doing really well. I don’t think I’ll eat anything else today anyway, so it’s been a good day all round!

Not done any studying today; but there’s no rush with the level 3 nutrition, as I’ve not completed all of the level 2 modules, with the practical not until October. Even if I did do the assessment and submit it, it would be kept on hold until I’m level 2 certified. So I will take a couple of days off I think, as I went at it pretty hard in the beginning, so a break won’t hurt. I’m still waiting on my level 2 Anatomy and Physiology assessment to be marked, they said 7 working days, so I’m not expecting it back until the middle ish of next week. Hopefully this time it’ll pass. I think if I refer again I’ll cry to be honest!! Worked so hard on it, right from the first attempt.

I’m really nervous about the practical side of things, but hopefully all will go well!

On the 12th of September I’m taking part in Relay For Life, for Cancer Research UK. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can do so here – Sara’s Fundraising Page – it would really mean a lot to me, even if it’s only £1, it’s all for a good cause and every little helps 🙂 thanks.

Right, I think that’s all from me today, going to chill out with some music as hubby is playing on the Xbox with his chums!

Thanks as ever for reading folks, have a fab weekend! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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