12th August

Hey folks,

Today was going so well; then it all got messed up when I received the results of my level 2 Anatomy and Physiology assessment. This was the second time I’d submitted it, with two questions corrected. And it came back today with one of those questions still wrong! Even though it’s practically word for word from the book! So p’d off!! My tutor had said it was a perfect answer before I submitted it, so to say I’m frustrated is an understatement. She’s looking into it for me to see if it was just a mistake. I’m hoping so, as I don’t know how else to answer the damn question! 😦

I should of known that my luck would run out eventually today. Just had a feeling that something would mess up my good mood, and I was right. Raaaaaaaaaar!!!

Sorry, in such a mood right now.

This morning was good though; went for my run as per usual, did 1.39 miles in 17:27. Ran a lot more of it again too, and my recovery times were even shorter than Monday’s run.. it’s all progressing nicely. I’ve now got new trainers too, as my others were knackered and hurting my feet big time. So hopefully now I’ll be able to run even more.

After that, I headed off to the gym for LBT. Which was a cracking workout as per usual, I love it. That and Ladies Tone are my two faves. I nearly stayed for Fast Blast as well (a 15 minute circuit workout with no rest!). I may do next week. But the intention was to stay on and do a leg session, but by the end of LBT I was done. My legs could do no more. Walking was a struggle! All good fun though.

I’ve gone over my 2000 calories today, but it’s okay, am still within ‘budget’ as I burned 418 in exercise. Am a little frustrated that it’s gone over, as it’s around 300 calories over, but hey ho. Maybe it’ll work in my favour….

Right, I need to get cracking on dinner, so I shall leave it there for today. Thanks for reading as ever folks, means a lot. Hope you’re all well. Take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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