29th July

Hey folks,

Not really sure what to write about tonight, but thought I’d check in anyways!

Today has been a good day, again, yay! I am shattered though, and contemplating an early night. My eyes are really heavy and just want to close….

I went to the gym today, for legs, bums and tums class! Which was great. Hard work though; we did deadlifts, squats, lunges, sit ups, planks, russian twists and a few more things I can’t remember! I used my usual barbell weight of 10kg 🙂 Might up it next time.

Tomorrow is ladies tone class, which is also a great class. I highly recommend both at Pure Gym.

I’m over my calories today, but it’s okay as I burned 326 at the gym, so even though I’m over the 2000 mark, I’m still within my limits 🙂

I submitted another assessment today too; even though I’ve not heard back about the other one yet. But hopefully I will soon.

Am on day 3 smoke free too by the way! Just sayin’….

Anyway, that’s all from me tonight; short and sweet (just like me haha!). Thanks for reading folks, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


2 thoughts on “29th July

  1. I need to go back to the gym too. I’ve just been working out at home, but being at the gym makes me feel a certain way… more motivated lol. Glad you were able to have an awesome workout! and congrats on your streak of being smoke free! 😉

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