28th July

Hey folks,

Thought I’d blog early while I had nothing else to do!

Today has been quite a lazy day so far. Went over to a friends this morning for a cuppa and a chat, which was really nice. So good having a car to get about! Loving it!! It’s going to the garage tonight to be checked over though, as the brakes aren’t great and it’s not idling very well at the moment. I think it’s overdue a service to be honest, as it was last done in 2013! Probably didn’t help starting it up with an empty petrol tank when we went to look at it! Would of dragged up loads of junk from the bottom of the tank most likely! Needs a good blast out haha, but until the brakes are better I don’t dare put my foot down too much!!

So tired today, am really struggling to stay awake! Once I’ve written this I’m off for a nap!

Diet wise I’m doing really well, keeping on track and well under my 2000 calories. Today is a rest day from exercise, so I don’t eat much.

My second assessment for my course is now done and ready to submit. As soon as I’ve heard back about the last one, I will submit it. Kind of stuck there with it for now, as want to make sure all the level 2 stuff is done before I move on to the level 3 stuff! So it’s just a waiting game now really. If I get bored I might make a start of the level 3 stuff, just so I’m doing something!

Anyway, really fighting my eyes now so I will leave it there. Thanks for reading as ever, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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