17th July

Hey folks,

Another good day for me 🙂 spent the morning studying, still loving it, so going with it haha! It’s worrying me slightly how much there is to learn though…. but I’ll get there. Lots of hard work and it’ll be fine. Before I know it I’ll be living my dream as a PT 🙂 can’t wait!

This afternoon was gym time with my buddy 🙂 did some more cardio, to avoid aggravating my shoulder. Did 5 minutes on the rower to warm up, burning 51 calories, then did 35 minutes on the bike burning 125 calories, and to finish we did 24 minutes on the treadmill, burning 116 calories 🙂 so it was a good session. Can’t wait to get back to strength training though next week. Tomorrow is my PT session, so no doubt that’ll involve some strength training too, usually does. Never know what he’s got planned for me though until the day haha. It’s a good thing to be honest, as it keeps it fresh every week.

Not really a lot else to say today to be honest; other than my diet/calorie counting has gone well, and I don’t think I’ll go over 2000 again today. I have done for the past 3 days, which is a bit naughty, but I think it’s done my metabolism good to have the extra fuel to burn. Have been pretty active as well, so it’s all good (I hope!).

Mood wise I’m feeling really good; upbeat, positive and happy with life! 🙂 I’m making the most of it, as I never know what’s around the corner with my bipolar. It could all come crashing down on me tomorrow for all I know. That’s the one thing I hate most about it, the uncertainty and how unpredictable it is. I’m hoping though my medication has gotten me stable now though, so there won’t be a crash. I’m really loving life right now, and I really don’t want anything to spoil that.

Right, hubby will be home shortly so I shall leave it there and go get dinner going! Cardio makes me super hungry! Chicken tikka salad tonight, yum!

Thanks for reading as always folks, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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