3rd July

Hey folks,

Not been a bad day today 🙂 This morning I went to see a friend to get my form signed for student finance, and got that sent off again. So fingers crossed it’s all good this time!! I then did a bit of job hunting and then headed out to see another friend who works in a shop local to me, who are looking for staff at the moment. Filled in an application form and left my CV as well, so will see what happens there. I also applied to a burger restaurant on-line. It’s right next door to my gym, so I can do a shift then hit the gym! Perfect haha.

Other than that I’ve not done a great deal today to be honest. I did have a long walk, as walked back from the shop I mentioned above, and that took about 40 minutes. Hit my step goal as well on my Fitbit doing that! I was going to do a workout, but I didn’t feel I needed to after that. Was around 3 miles or possibly 4, not sure, I foolishly didn’t track it! But it was definitely a good bit of exercise.

I’m struggling to get my calories in today, as my appetite isn’t great in the hot weather. Not even consumed 1000 yet!! Not quite sure what else to eat to be honest to get the total up…. might make another smoothie perhaps…. not sure.

Mood wise I’m feeling pretty good, and hopeful about my course now. My advisor said that they’ll have already verified my birth certificate, so as soon as they get the accompanying form it should be processed really quickly, so fingers crossed! I really can’t wait to get on it and start learning to be what I want to be. It’s my dream job, and sometimes I do have doubts about my ability, but I know deep down that I can do it, and hopefully do it well! If you’d like to, I have a Facebook page which at the moment is just for health and fitness tips that I’m learning as I go a long that I’m sharing, but it’ll be my Personal Trainer page when I’m qualified. You can find it here. I’d love if you’d give it a like for me 🙂 would mean so much!

Tomorrow my only plans are to go to my PT session; #8! Can’t believe I’ve been training with C for 8 weeks already! Well, it’s technically 9 weeks tomorrow as I missed last weeks session! But I love every session though, so am looking forward to it, even more so after missing last week.

Right, I think that’s all from me for today; thank you as ever, for reading 🙂 Take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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