23rd June

Hey folks,

Thought I’d get my blog done now, as it’s Rock Choir tonight and am always really tired when I get back from that. Part of me has contemplated not going at all to be honest; I’m absolutely shattered and have been dozing on the sofa all afternoon. But am still tired. I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night, so that’s why. Will see how it goes and decide after dinner.

I’m not in a great mood either; this quitting smoking malarkey is so, so hard. All I keep thinking about is cigarettes, and craving them so badly. It’s going to get worse soon as hubby will be getting home shortly, and the opportunity to smoke will be there. It’s frustrating me somewhat.

It’s been a reasonably good day today though; I went to the gym for a spin class. My first ever! It was really hard but really good at the same time, I enjoyed it. I did book in for next week as well, but have since had an e-mail to say the class has been cancelled 😦 am genuinely gutted. Will go in and do a cardio session of my own that day most likely. Minus the X-trainer. Have been advised not to use that any more, as I get really bad pins and needles in my feet. Starts about 10 minutes in and just consistently gets worse as I carry on. So it’s not good. I really enjoyed the X-trainer too, so that’s annoying. I will use the rower for a session instead! It’s just as good, if not better anyway.

Not sure what else to write about tonight…. oh, had another interview offer. Will last 1 hour! It’s for another shop in the village, and apparently includes some sort of assessment on the shop floor! Eeeeek! Will keep you posted.

Right, my dinner is nearly cooked now, so will leave it there for today. One last thing, regarding my calories for today, have done really well, and currently sitting at around the 1,600 mark! Will allow for some ice cream later on too 🙂

Thanks for reading as per, means a lot. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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