20th June

Hey folks,

So today, I had my interview this morning, which I think went quite well; will hear middle of next week about that one. Should hear beginning of next week about the one I had last week. If I don’t hear from either then I know I’ve been unsuccessful. But fingers crossed for today’s interview, as it’s in the village so would be ideal.

Then this afternoon I had my PT session with C, and a weight check in too. Another 1.2kg lost, which is approx. 2.6lbs. So I’m happy with that. A loss is a loss in my eyes, and it’s still going in the right direction, which is always a win. I really need to focus on my diet though and eat less fat and sugars. I may still be within my calorie allowance each day, but the things I eat go over my macros, so that’s not so good. If I’m getting results this way, just think about what results I could get doing it 100% right!

My PT session was probably the most intense I’ve had so far to be honest. We did strength training, on my shoulders. As I really want to be able to do a ‘Pull-Up’. For warm up we did suicide drills, which comprised of burpees, jump squats and mountain climbers, plus running, well jogging!, between the stations. Then we moved on to some circuit training for strength. It was the following – Shoulder Press with 15kg barbell, Lateral Raises with 5kg weights, ‘Bus Drivers’ with a 5kg weight (imagine holding your arms out parallel with the floor, holding a steering wheel and turning it from side to side!), Front raises with 10kg barbell and then 5kg barbell (called a drop set), and finally slam balls with an 8kg weighted slam ball. We did the circuit 3 times, and it was bloody hard work. The first 2 circuits, we did each to failure (basically where you can’t possibly do another rep!), and then just 5 reps on each for the last circuit. We then ended the session with some boxing. By which point my arms were like jelly and my shoulders were burning. But I put 100% in as per usual and got some really good feedback at the end. C said I did really well and that he was impressed with my efforts. 🙂 Am sure going to feel it tomorrow though, the DOMS are going to be crazy!

Mood wise I’m a little better; my sessions at the gym always make me feel good. All those endorphins swimming about is bound to make me feel good though! Exhausted, but good! Financially we’re a little better off, thanks to our lodger paying some of his rent early to help us out. He’s a legend to be honest! We’ll make it through to pay day now, which is good. We’re off out food shopping tomorrow to stock up for the week. Going to try and resist anything high in fat, and see what difference it makes. Also will get lots of fruit and veg too. Determined to really sort my diet out, as my results will be even better!

Anyway, my washing machine is beeping frantically at me to get the washing out, so I best call it a day with this now. Don’t think there’s anything else to report anyway!

Thanks for reading folks, you’re all amazing! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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