19th June

Hey folks,

Today has been a fairly good day; started off with a great workout, burning 623 calories. I did Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones, took 55 minutes, and I was seriously sweaty by the end of it! Don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much before! But, sweat is fat crying haha! So it’s all good. I cooled down and had a lush shower afterwards, and felt great.

Now, I don’t feel so great. Went to work this pm, which was okay, just dull. Nearly fell asleep again! I’m just so tired. Still only getting about 5 hours a night, which isn’t enough for me at all. I need a good 8 hours to function on all cylinders! I’m also stressed about money again; or rather the lack of money we’re going through again right now. It’s a week to pay day and we’re flat broke. Food is running out and I’m panicking.

I hate being in this situation; it gets to the point where I feel like running to the hills and screaming! Not that it’d do any good though of course. I need to get a job, but the stress of interviews is already getting me down, so am worried that it’s not the right move for me right now. I’ve struggled with my seasonal job and that was barely even part time! Thankfully today was the last shift for this year, so I was relieved about that.

Tomorrow I have another interview in the morning, at a shop in the village. Fingers crossed as that would be ideal really. Won’t cost me anything to get there, and the commute is barely 2 minutes long! I’m nervous about the interview though, as per usual.

Also tomorrow is my seventh PT session with C; and weigh in again! Am a bit concerned as I’ve gone over 2000 calories a couple of times this week. Although, saying that, I had done exercise and earned a few extra calories, so it was still in the green “under goal” range on myfitnesspal. I love that app! It really helps me to keep an eye on my calories and track my exercise as well.

Right am going to leave it there for today; am totally drained of all energy right now and just want to lay down and do nothing for a while. Thanks for reading folks, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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