1st June

Hey folks,

Another, pretty much, good day today. My attempt at quitting smoking totally failed by 8.30am! May try again tomorrow, but not sure yet. Will see how I feel in the morning!

Other than that, my day mostly consisted of doing not much at all haha. Well, of course I went to the gym! It was Chest, Shoulders and Biceps today, as per usual for a Monday. Here’s what I got up to today:

Rower Level 4 1519m 82 calories burned
Bike (this was a slight disaster area today as it kept turning itself off!!) but I managed to get the following done – Rolling Hills for 2 miles, burning 32 calories, then I put it on manual at level 3 for 5.20 miles, burning 87 calories. Total time of 35 minutes.

Then onto strength:
Chest Press – Matrix 21’s at 11kg and 18kg x 2.
Shoulder Press – Matrix 21’s again at 9kg, and then had to drop the weight down to 4.5kg for 2 sets, because I’m having issues with my right shoulder. I just don’t seem to have the strength in it that I had only a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what’s going on, but am in talks with my PT for a solution as I type!
Bicep Curls x 40
Reverse Bicep Curls x 40
Hammer Curls x 40

And that was my workout for today. This evening I’ve been creating new workout plans, adding in more basically. I’ve been doing the same things for a while now, so I think it’s time to mix things up a bit and work harder haha.

For those who have asked me, my workout schedule goes as follows:
Monday’s – Chest, Shoulders and Biceps
Wednesday’s – Legs (Oh how I love leg day!)
Friday’s – Back, Shoulders and Triceps

Add to that either classes or workouts at home on Tuesday’s and Thursdays, and then a PT session on Saturday’s. Rest day is Sunday, but that usually consists of a walk with the hubby! The classed that I usually do are Legs, Bums and Tums, and Ladies Tone. I used to do LBT on a Tuesday, but they changed the time of it so it makes it hard to go to. So, I’ve changed to the Wednesday class, with the same PT that does Ladies Tone. It’ll be the first time I do LBT with him this week, and it’s on leg day too, so could be interesting come Thursday!! Hmmm, and I have work haha. Could be very fun indeed, trying to walk around a sports hall for 3 hours…. ah well, it’s all good!

I can’t stop thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer myself. It’s constantly in the back of my mind, and even my hair stylist said it to me the other day when he was cutting my hair, that he reckons I’d be good at it. I’m enthusiastic, dedicated to fitness and working my ass off! I’ve already inspired others to join gyms, or eat better, so making a living out of that would be perfect. It is for sure my dream job. However, the £4k price tag is rather a big stumbling block for me. There is some form of government funding that can part pay for course fees, and you don’t pay anything back until you start earning £21k per year; so that may be an option. I’m going to look into it as soon as I get 5 minutes! Seem to be so busy at the moment, it’s mental. But good too.

Speaking of being busy, this week I’m doing something every day! Today obviously was gym, tomorrow I have a telephone interview at 10am, and then work; Wednesday is LBT and leg day at the gym, Thursday is work again, Friday is work then gym, Saturday is PT session day and Sunday is NEC with Rock Choir! No rest days for me this week haha.

I’m honestly loving life right now though, am feeling really content and happy; it’s been a long time coming, but I think I’ve finally got a handle on things and am able to cope with stress a lot better. It probably has a lot to do with my medication, but also the CBT is starting to really come through for me too. Both courses of it have really stuck in my head and I can use it every day in most situations. I’m trying to go with the motto of – Accept the things I cannot change, and change the things I can – that seems to be working for me. Like for example, I can’t change the financial situation much until I get a job, so am accepting it at the moment and letting it run it’s course until my luck comes in and I get offered work! And, I’m changing the things I can, like my body. I’m not happy with how I look just now, but am a work in progress, and boy am I working hard! As I said above, there’s not really a day when I’m not active these days! Determined to have a nice, lean and toned body! It’s something I can change and do something about, therefore I am doing so!

Blimey, this has been a rather epic post tonight. Been so busy creating my workout plans that I nearly forgot to blog again! How very rude of me, haha. I’m currently listening to my Rock Choir harmonies, in the vain hope that I can learn lyrics by Sunday…. it’s proving difficult to be honest. But I’m sure no one will notice if I don’t sing everything on Sunday! We’ve got a full dress rehearsal tomorrow; running the entire set list of about 20 songs! Looking forward to it though.

I’ve done well on the old calorie counting as well today; coming in with 38 calories remaining and a total calorie burn of 328 calories. Also at present, my Fitbit is telling me I’ve done 8,293 steps, 3.58 miles, and had 29 active minutes! So, not a bad day all round really. I’m not quite sure that the calorie burn is 100% accurate, sitting at 2,234…. could be I guess from all the steps! Ah well, will go by my actual exercise calorie burn haha.

Right, I will call it a night on this now, and get back to learning these lyrics! (and creating workout plans….!!!!Think I’m addicted to fitness haha!). Thank you as always for taking the time to read my ramblings, and for the continued support and encouragement. Means so very much to me!

Take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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