24th May

Hey folks,

So yesterday was ComicCon. I’d love to say that it was amazing, incredible, etc etc…. but in all honestly it was a bit of a let down. Well, when I say let down, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration…. but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. My stress and anxiety levels were high the whole day; from getting the train, tube and DLR there, to walking through the epic crowds at the convention. I don’t do big crowds very well, and being a sold out event, there was a lot of people there. We were constantly being bumped, or rather barged, into and people were so rude about it too! They walked into me, yet gave me the dirty look as if it was my fault! You couldn’t really get to any of the stalls to have a good look either, and the friend that we went with was totally doing my head in! He kept darting off in all directions, and in order to not lose him, we had to dash after him! So even when we did get chance to stop and look at something, we ended up then having to go after him. All in all it was a very long and disappointing day to be honest. It didn’t help that we didn’t have any sleep either, so were exhausted before we got there.

We made up for the lack of sleep though; sleeping in until 1pm today! We made it to nearly midnight last night before going to bed, so getting 13 hours sleep was so good. Admittedly I still feel pretty wiped out today, but nothing compared to yesterdays exhaustion. Been relaxing all day today as well, and just had a really lush hot bath, so feeling more human now. I did get a really good photo with someone dressed up as Darth Maul from Star Wars yesterday:


And a couple of the bat-mobile from the new computer game! –

10443016_10203134403520988_4565916377044583216_o 11312975_10203134403560989_4866883929897781690_o

But that was it for photo’s. As I said, couldn’t really get near anything to take photos really.

Tomorrow I have an interview to get my old job back at Primark. Well, when I say old job, it’s actually a different role I’m going for. Retail Assistant – Sales Floor. Rather than Customer Services, as my stress levels really couldn’t handle that. I’m looking forward to the interview in a way, as it’s with the same person that I was originally interviewed by, and she’s really nice. Can have a laugh with her as well, which is cool. I’m hoping I find out there and then to be honest, as I hate the waiting game. But we shall see.

After my interview it’ll be lunch and then hitting the gym! So looking forward to getting back and working out. Even though the last time was only Friday, it feels like a long time! I really do love the gym, it’s like my second home. It’s my time out from the stresses of life and basically my me-time! It’s definitely my happy place.

Mood wise I’ve been a bit all over the place the last 24 hours. Lack of sleep really does affect my moods a lot, more than it used to when I was younger. Ugh, am getting old haha. I may only be 30, but I feel more like mid-60’s sometimes! Today I’m feeling a lot calmer and happier than I did yesterday, so that’s good. Am hoping it was just down to the stress of it all yesterday to be honest. Only time will tell though I guess!

Anyway, that’s it from me for today. It’s time to sort out some dinner, and relax with my lovely hubby. Can’t believe how quick this week has gone with him off work. Wish we could go back and do it all over again 😦 Love spending time with him, lazy lie-ins and doing whatever, whenever. It’s really nice. Ah well, normality has to resume at some point I suppose. One more lovely day to go, being bank holiday tomorrow, and then he’s back to work on Tuesday. I shall make the most of tomorrow!

Right, really going now! Thanks as always for reading folks, hope you’ve had a good weekend! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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