23rd May

Hey folks,

Well, it’s just gone 6am and I’ve had no sleep! No, it’s not mania, it’s madness haha. We were sat up waiting for a friend to arrive. He was meant to get to us at 2:30am, but had to work later than planned, so didn’t actually get to us until 5am. By which point there was no point in going to sleep, as we needed to get up at 7am anyway!

Today is the day we go to Comic Con in London!!!! Very excited, but also very tired. Could do with a power nap to be honest, but I doubt I’ll get one. Part of me is kind of feeling wired too, as we’ve been drinking coffee all night to stay awake!

I’m really looking forward to the day ahead though, apart from the journey there (and back), as it involves going on the underground, and I get really anxious about it. So that in itself is going to be exhausting, add to that the lack of sleep and a long day of walking around; by tonight I’m going to be completely wiped out! It’ll be worth it though.

Not really sure what the point of this blog post was, but thought I’d check in for today while I had the opportunity. I don’t think I would have felt right if I hadn’t haha. I made it my mission at the beginning of the year to post every day, so I’m really trying to do so. Whether it’s interesting or not, I have no idea! Probably not….

Mood wise I’m feeling pretty good; I think the excitement is keeping me going to be honest. I’ve been looking forward to this since we booked the tickets a couple of months ago. Should be a good day out 🙂

I’ve probably repeated myself a lot in this post, for which I apologise, as you can imagine am not functioning on all cylinders right now haha.

Anyway, I’m going to sign off now, as nothing much else to say! Hope you all have a great day, and thanks for reading my ramblings!

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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