14th May

Hey folks,

Been a reasonably good day today; this morning was ladies tone class at the gym, which was ace! There was only 4 of us, so it was a really intense session, but so good. I always enjoy the class and always book in for next week on my way out of the gym haha.

When I got back from the gym, my housework had been done for me by our lodger! I was very impressed and it meant that I had a really nice relaxing afternoon, which is what I needed. I had a really long hot bath, collected my meds from the doctors, and then had a nap. I only intended to have half hour, but it ended up being about 2 and half hours, oops haha! Must have needed it though, and I do feel better for it.

Just spoken to my mum and she told me she’s had another fall again this week 😦 It’s worrying me to be honest, she’s had a few falls this year already. I really need to go and see her more often, I’ve really been rubbish at that lately. I feel guilty about that to be honest; but I’ll try and do better. I’m going to see her in the morning, so will be nice to have a catch up.

Mood wise I’m feeling a little better today, thankfully! Was worried that it was a depression episode creeping up on me, but I think it’s passing. I’m still pretty stressed out about money, but then what’s new?! It’ll sort itself out at the end of the month, and we should be okay for June. Just got to try and get through the rest of this month though, that’s the hard part! I don’t get paid for the work I’ve done this month until end of June, and then what I do in June I get paid for in July. So that sucks a bit, but at least I know I’ve got some money coming in at some point.

I’d love to just win the lottery, clear all our debts, buy a house and then carry on. That’s my dream, haha.

Anyway, I shall leave it there for tonight, as there’s nothing much else to write about today. Tomorrow is of course gym day, and my buddy is back with me, yay! Looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading lovely folk, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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