11th May

Hey folks,

Feeling a bit frazzled tonight. It’s been a long and rather stressful day! Been out and about for the most part, and have had to miss Rock Choir tonight because I’m just not feeling good. Got a cracking headache and am shattered!

This morning I went to town to get hubby’s birthday present (which he’s already had this evening, even though it’s not his birthday until next week!) and then from there I headed across town to work. First shift went well though so that was okay. From there I walked down to the gym, and had a quick workout! I started off on the rower for a warm up, then did 15 minutes on the bike, plus cool down time of about 3 minutes. Then I did shoulder press and chest press machines. I’m really proud of myself though, as I maxed out at 14kg on the shoulder press and 18kg on the chest press!

By the time I got home after all of that, I was so exhausted I just flopped on the sofa in a heap! Then the mother of all headaches kicked in and it was then I knew that my day was done and I wasn’t going to make Rock Choir. I’m gutted to be honest, as I love going, but something had to give today. I just couldn’t do it all.

Anyway, am going to leave it there for tonight, so tired I could cry! Thanks for reading folks. Take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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