10th May

Hey folks,

Not a great deal to report tonight; been to the in-laws for the day! Was good though, as my brother-in-law was there with our nephews, so it was good to see them too. Went for a lovely walk with the dog, although there was a lot of uphill walking, so my legs are paying for it now! Especially after my PT session yesterday, am certainly feeling that today!

Anyway, as there’s not much to write about, I thought I’d do a little A-Z of me, to tell you a little about myself, for those of you who are new to my blog especially! It’s basically a list of my interests, character traits and my life in general!

A- Artistic

B- Bonkers!

C- Creative, chocoholic and coffee lover!

D- Determined

E- Emotional

F- Fitness freak!

G- Gym lover!

H- Honest

I- Independent.

J- Jealous

K- Kind

L- Loving

M- Motivated

N- Nice (and nuts!)

O- Opinionated

P- Perfectionist

Q- Quiet

R- Rock Choir member

S- Shy and sensitive

T- Truthful and trustworthy

U- Unique

V- Valued

W- Weird!

X- xxx (can’t think of an X!!)

Y- Youngish!

Z- Zealous

That was actually harder than I anticipated! So apologies if it’s not very interesting!! Took me a lot longer than I’d planned it to as well haha. Never mind.

Right, I need to get myself sorted ready for tomorrow, starting my temp job! Got a seriously busy day ahead – up early to see hubby off to work, housework, work 1-3, gym 3.30-5, then Rock Choir 7.30-9! All good though 🙂

Thanks for reading folks, means a lot. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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