9th May

Hey folks,

Ridiculously tired today, but kinda in a good way!

The day started early as our lodger was moving in; 7:30am to be precise! Far too early for me on a Saturday haha! But everything went smoothly and he’s settling in nicely.

At 2pm was my first session with my new PT šŸ™‚ which was AWESOME! Exhausting though, and I was a hot, sweaty, shaking mess by the end! But it was so good. We started off on the rower for 5 minutes to warm up, then moved on to some Tabata training. Where you do 20 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeat (countless times!). We started with slam ball mountain climbers, then did slam ball burpees (I hate those!!). Then a cool off with some stretches. Felt amazing, but shattered! Really worked hard though and put in 100% effort. I worked my socks off, because I want the results he’s assuring me I’ll get. I really do have confidence that I’ll get those results as well, with sessions like that! Everything is beginning to ache now, but it’s so worth it. I will be slim, fit and toned! Determined!!

Aside from that, I’ve not done a great deal today. Sorted out my clothes into new wardrobes, and done some laundry (or rather in the process of doing the laundry!).

Tomorrow we’re off to see hubby’s parents, which will hopefully be a good day. It’s another early start though, as they’re shutting the roads off for the fun run at 9:30am. So we’ve got to be up and out of the village before then.

I also have a confession to make…. I’ve caved in and started smoking again šŸ˜¦ but I know I can quit and I will do it again, that’s for certain!

Anyway, I’ve got my food shop to do now, so will leave it there for today. Hope you’re all well out there! Thanks for reading!

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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