6th May

Hey folks,

Soooooo tired today. Crashed out this afternoon for a couple of hours, which isn’t like me. Kinda feel like I’m burning out a bit to be honest. The mood is dropping again, and I’m a bit worried about it. I seem to have lost the stability that I had and loved.

Went to the gym this morning instead of this afternoon, which was good. I set new personal bests on the leg press, leg extension and leg curl machines, of 25kg. So I’m really proud of that. Gotta love a good leg day! I’m still feeling the effects of LBT as well today, so I’m a bit achey!

I really don’t know why I’m so tired; it’s frustrating me. Doesn’t seem to matter how much coffee I have either, I’m still just as sleepy and lethargic. It just feels like my energy levels are constantly dropping, and I’m worried that by Saturday I’ll have nothing left in the tank for my PT session! I’ve got nothing planned after ladies tone tomorrow, so I think I’ll just rest.

Another thing that’s bugging me, is that I’ve got a constant hunger going on! I just want to eat everything in sight right now! I’m trying to make healthy choices, things like granola, nuts, etc. It’s just really annoying me….I know it’s as a result of my exercise levels though, so it’s not unexpected really. Ah well, I work it off at the gym!

Argh, just really want to shut my eyes and it’s not even 8pm yet. Will leave it there for today, as I’m struggling to focus. Thanks for reading as always; take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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