1st May

Hey folks,

I’m so very tired tonight, so again this shall be short tonight, sorry.

Have had a really busy day! Went to my photographer friends house this morning for a studio shoot! Had lots of fun 🙂 here’s a taster of some of the shots:

11187762_445047078995781_1162091542877483624_o 11206540_445047065662449_5237226412348273828_o 11194558_445046862329136_1957457250656153535_o 11209711_10203044391790751_3406082427236468655_n  Aron Murray Photography

Then after that, I headed into town for a bit. before the usual Friday activity of the gym! Today’s session consisted of 1500m on the rower @ level 6 resistance, 6.5 miles on the bike on the rolling hills programme, and then we went and kicked the guys out of the ladies weight room! Haha, well, we went in and they all kinda left, so it was kinda funny! Some did come back in, but I’m learning not to be bothered by them now. My confidence is growing, so it does make it easier to ignore them.

In the weights room, I decided to do some weighted squats with the Smith machine. I managed 4 sets of 10 at 20kg, and then 2 sets of 10 at 25kg. I chickened out putting any more weight on it to be honest; without my PT there it was just a little too scary!! I contemplated going for 30kg, but changed my mind.

I’m proud of what I achieved though; it’s the first time I’ve gone higher than 15kg on my own.

Right, my eyes are closing so it’s time to head to bed! So tired its ridiculous!!

Thanks for reading folks, and welcome to my latest followers! Welcome to my world 🙂
Take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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