31st May

Hey folks,

Had a really good day again today 🙂

Started with a totally lush lay in until around 12pm haha; we didn’t set an alarm so clearly needed the sleep. Felt really refreshed when I eventually got up, and happy too 🙂

Spent some time chilling, eating lunch and watching our latest addiction – Warehouse 13 – on Netflix. Then I did my workout; Total Body Burn, part of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs programme. It takes 45 minutes and is a killer workout, I love it! Burned approx. 509 calories too, well according to myfitnesspal anyway!

I’m doing really well on my calorie counting too, so am really proud of myself. Usually the weekends are where things go a bit wrong, but so far so good! I even managed to have some sweets and biscuits, all within the 2000 calories. I’m loving being so in control of what I eat. I never thought I’d say that about calorie counting to be honest, as that’s one thing I loved about Slimming World, the not having to count calories part! But now that I’m actually doing it, and getting into it, I’m really enjoying it.

So, there’s not really a lot else to report for today. Can’t believe that we’re going into June tomorrow! This year is really flying by and it’s kind of scary really! Half way through the year already, and so much has happened already. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, and seeing further results from my diet and fitness schedule. Am totally loving it. Hopefully next weigh in will be just as good as this last one was. Oh, and I now have the results from my fitness test, been meaning to post them for a couple of days, I don’t think I have already (apologies if I have, but won’t hurt to cover them again!)

For an average female aged 30-39, the scores are calculated on the following scale:
<19 low
20-26 fair
28-33 average
34-44 good
>45 high

My score was 44.57, putting me in the good range 🙂 So am really proud of that. Especially as I’m still smoking…. which is about to change, fingers crossed. Am hoping tomorrow is day 1 for me, and I can go smokefree again. Will see how it goes though. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself, as have done that in the past and it was a mistake. Pressure leads to failure. So, with that said, I will take it one day at a time and see what happens. I do want to quit again, and I know I can, so hopefully it’ll be okay. Then when we do the next fitness test, hopefully I’ll be even better 🙂

Right, that’s it from me for today. Got some more job applications to do, yay….

Thanks as ever for reading, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


30th May

Hey folks,

Been a really nice day so far; thought I’d blog now while I had the time!

Went to town this morning for some retail therapy! Bought myself some new gym gear, and an inflatable punch bag! Seriously looking forward to getting that set up and getting some stress busting going on! My PT has really got me into boxing now; it’s a really good workout and burns heaps of calories.

Other than that I’ve not done anything much at all today. Most of my time was spent mooching around the shops in town; it was really nice and really chilled me out. Treated myself to my favourite soy latte from Costa as well 🙂 After my wicked weigh in yesterday, I think I’ve earned it! …. and the Chinese we had for dinner last night haha.

I did go over my calories yesterday, but I’m not worried about that. It’s okay to have a cheat day some days. I work hard enough in the gym (and often at home) to make up for it. Plus, I’m back on it today and will be a good girl!

Mood wise, as you can probably tell, I’m doing good 🙂 probably the best I’ve been for a while to be honest. Things are ticking along nicely, and I really hope it stays that way! Fingers crossed!!

Don’t really have anything planned for this weekend; just chillaxing with my lovely hubby. Today is a rest day from exercise, although I’ve hit my steps goal (10,000) for the day just by doing some shopping, which is awesome! I love my Fitbit, it really helps focus me to remain as active as possible, even on rest days! I have a hard time resting it seems….

So, as May comes to an end, I’m reflecting on the past couple of months. They seem to have flown by! Not quite sure where this year is going really, it seems to be flashing by. The last couple of months have had their testing times, but they’ve also had good times too, and for those I’m thankful. I always make the most of the good times, as I never know how long they’ll last. I’m looking forward to the coming month of June, as it brings with it work and of course, the big Rock Choir gig at the NEC in Birmingham. I’m really excited for that, should be a really awesome experience.

Right, with that said, I’m going to call it a day on this, as I’ve just got to test out this punching bag! It’s sat here taunting me haha. I’m too curious for my own good I guess!! As usual, thank you for reading folks! Take care and stay strong, am only ever a message away if any of you are struggling! I’ve been where you are, so know how important it is to have people to talk to.

Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

29th May

Hey folks,

Today has been a mixed day of both good and bad. I’ll get the bad stuff out the way first, then I can end on a high!

Basically, I’ve had another job rejection, this time without an interview, so that’s pretty sucky. Secondly, my telephone interview that I was due to have this afternoon, didn’t happen. This is because one of the first things he asked me, before even starting the interview, was have I got proof of eligibility to work in the UK. I said yes, thinking my short birth certificate would suffice; but then he went on to say that they’d need a full birth certificate in order to progress my application. With that said, he told me he couldn’t take the interview any further either at this point, but gave me a number to call as soon as I have a full birth certificate.

I ordered one on-line straight after the call, but it’s not going to get to me until around the 22nd of June!!!! By which point the job at William Hill will no doubt be filled, so I’ve missed out on that one.

I know I’ve said in the past, that I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that still stands today. Obviously I wasn’t meant to get either of those jobs anyway, so something better must be out there for me. I’ll try to remain as positive as I can and just keep applying for things, and see what happens.

Right, onto the good stuff!!

First up, my PT session was awesome as always!! And weigh in went REALLY well! In 2 weeks I have lost 2kg, which is approximately 4.4lbs, so nearly 4.5lbs!! I’m over the moon with that result, because it’s down to sheer hard work and dedication that I’ve achieved it. It’s paying off and I’m loving it! 🙂 I also completed the fitness test, results of which are to follow over the weekend once he’s worked it all out. That went really well though, and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We used that as my warm up today, so didn’t do any rowing. My session comprised of the following: Slam ball mountain climbers, slam ball burpees, and more boxing! I’m so tempted to get myself a punch bag and gloves for home, as I love it! For those of you who don’t know what slam ball etc are, I shall endeavour to describe them! –

Slam ball mountain climbers – Basically a squat to pick up a weighted ball (the slam ball), which you then lift up over your head a slam down onto the ground. Then into prone position (like you would for a push up), and mountain climbers are when you bring your knees to your chest, as if you were climbing a mountain! Here’s a video of it – https://youtu.be/nmwgirgXLYM

Slam ball burpees – The same process as with the mountain climbers, but instead of the MC’s, you do a burpee. Now that’s something I always find hard to describe, so here’s what one of those looks like – https://youtu.be/JZQA08SlJnM – they are brutal! But such a good exercise to do, as it’s pretty much a full body workout! I can’t say I’m a great fan of them, but love the results that they give.

As for the boxing, that’s pretty self explanatory. Just basically hitting pads haha! Using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, as well as ducking and moving around as well today. Each session he adds in something different, to keep me on my toes! I really do love it though.

So yeah, a really good session and I was once again a sweaty mess by the end of it, so a sign of a good workout!!

Then it must have been my lucky day, because I went to get the bus and usually have to wait ages, but literally as I got to the bus stop, the sign said due and it was coming down the road! Couldn’t of timed it better really! I know that’s a rather random fact for the day, but thought I’d share!

Ooh, and I’ve also got another telephone interview planned for next Tuesday 🙂 This time for a support worker role, for people with learning disabilities! Will keep you posted how that goes; at least I can say that I’ve got a full birth certificate on it’s way!

Right, I need to head off, as my hair stylist is coming over tonight to cut my hair! Thanks as always for reading, really appreciate it 🙂 Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

28th May

Hey folks,

Been a really good day today; went to the gym this morning for Ladies Tone class and it was cracking! Loved it! Did all sorts – Deadlifts, crunches, glute bridges, lunges, planks, good mornings, and much much more! I don’t think there was a part of me that wasn’t worked out haha. It’s always a good class though to be honest 🙂

The only downside to my morning, was that the buses were completely messed up! Had to wait an hour to get one home and then it took ages to get home as there was so much traffic. I think it was because of an accident on the motorway, so all the traffic was diverted through town. Ah well, I got home eventually!

I also got through the on-line assessment for a job at William Hill, and have a telephone interview tomorrow afternoon! Keep your fingers crossed lovely people! 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, as I’m seeing my PT for my weigh-in, fitness test and PT session! I’ve worked so hard this past couple weeks, so if the results don’t come up good I’ll probably cry haha. I’m hoping for some weight-loss and that I’m not too unfit!! But watch this space, will update you tomorrow of course.

Mood wise I’m doing really well today; have been in a really good mood all day. Felt really tired this morning, and was wondering how I’d get through the LT class, but I did, and it made me feel so good! Followed by some lunch and a shower and I was feeling awesome! I also had a cheeky nap this afternoon, so that helped too. I’m hoping that my moods stay like this, especially with me applying for jobs etc. I need to be at my best really.

Anyway, that’s it from me for today. I do apologise for not blogging the other day (Tuesday), I completely forgot! Not sure how I did, but only realised yesterday when I posted that I’d missed a day! Nothing much happened, apart from doing a home workout and sleeping haha.

Right, really going now! thanks for reading as ever, you’re all awesome!

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

27th May

Hey folks,

Been a good day again today; mostly because it was gym day, haha! I was in a rubbish mood prior to the gym, but smashing my leg session really perked me up.

The reason I was in a rubbish mood, was that I had a thanks but no thanks e-mail from Primark. I think I knew deep down that it hadn’t gone well at the interview, but kind of hoped it would turn out okay. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Oh well. There was a big part of me that didn’t really think going back was a good idea anyway, so it’s probably for the best. Everything happens for a reason, that’s what I believe. Maybe there’s a better job out there for me somewhere….

I did have a telephone interview yesterday for a cleaning job, and have done an on-line assessment this afternoon for William Hill in the village. So fingers crossed!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff! Here’s my workout for today:

1519m on the Rower Level 4, burning 80 calories;
7.65 miles on the bike, on the Fat Burn programme, burning 136 calories

Then I did my Matrix 21’s on:
Leg Press – 25kg/32kg/39kg and, something I’m really proud of, I did 10 reps on 45kg!!!! Was curious if I could do it haha. And I did 😀

Leg Curl – 18kg x2 and another new PB, of 25kg!

Leg Extension – 18kg x3

Smith Squats – 2 sets @ 10kg and 2 sets @ 15kg.

Eventually I will up the weight for my squats, but at the moment I’m focusing on good form. Doing Matrix 21’s really burns the quads! I’m really happy though as my quads are popping out now! So my hard work is showing and I love it! 🙂

Total calorie burn today was 346 😀 so was really good. Not as much as yesterday, but still good.

I’ve got a progress check with my PT on Friday; weight, BMI and Body Fat %. Fingers crossed for good results!! I’ve worked so hard and really hoping it shows. Even if my weight stays the same, as long as my body fat goes down I’ll be happy. Will let you know! I’ve also got a session with my PT straight afterwards as well, so that’ll be good. I think we’re doing more pad work (boxing). I love that! Am so tempted to buy a punching bag and gloves so I can do it at home haha. It’s a great exercise and burns lots of calories!

Right, am going to call it there, as want to chill out with hubby; feeling pretty tired. In a good mood though, so that’s all good 🙂

Thanks as ever for reading, means a lot. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

25th May

Hey folks,

Been a reasonably good day today; my interview went okay, but I’m not holding out much hope to be honest. Plus, I don’t know if I may have made the wrong decision going back either. It just didn’t feel right for some reason, and I can’t work out why. Just got a really negative vibe as soon as I walked in, and things like that I can’t usually ignore. Will see what happens I guess. In the meantime I’m going to look and apply for other things in the area. Watch this space!

After the interview we went for lunch with our lodger; he’s so lovely he treated us again. Without him we’d be going hungry 😦 I had a really yummy superfood chicken pasta salad, totalling 670 calories. Had my favourite sauce on, pesto! Love the stuff!

Gym was awesome as always, totally smashed my workout! Here’s what I did:

1500m on the Rower, level 4, burning 80 calories, followed by 7.32 miles on the Bike in 35 minutes, burning 119 calories! Then I moved on to chest, shoulders and biceps, using the matrix 21 system –
Shoulder Press: 9kg x 2 sets, and 1 set of 14kg. I really struggled with the last couple of reps, so in effect, I did it until failure. Which is a first for me.
Chest Press: 4.5kg, 11kg and 18kg. Again, to failure.

Then I hit the weight room, for the first time on my own! I really had to dig deep for courage, as there were 4 guys in there, and they all stared at me when I walked in, as the only woman! But, I persevered and managed to rep out the following:
Bicep Curls x 35, Reverse Bicep Curls x 35 and Hammer Curls x 35. All using 3kg weights. I’m really proud of that, as my max was 30 before, so I pushed a bit harder and got another 5 reps on each move.

I also had a quick chat with my PT, and he’s going to show me some free weight moves to add into my routine to switch things up a bit. It’s always good to keep your routine fresh and your body guessing!

By the end of my workout, my arms were shaking! So I worked out hard today. Total calorie burn was 307. So I burned most of my lunch off, well almost half of it anyway!

I’ve done really well with calorie counting again today. As I said above, my lunch was 670, and I had a 698 calorie dinner, comprising of- Pasta, tuna, chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn and veg! It was lush and worth every calorie. It was rich in protein with the tuna too, so it was nice a healthy.

I’m still really enjoying calorie counting, and keeping things under control. I did however, have a sneaky jump on the scales and don’t appear to have lost weight yet….so if that’s the case when my PT reviews me on Friday, I think it may be time to have a long hard look at my diet and really overhaul it. I’ve eaten out a couple of times in the last week, and had takeaway, so that’s probably not helped. It’s one thing to stay within calorie range, but it’s another to choose healthy options for those calories. As I found tonight, with my huge dinner that was so much healthier than a takeaway, but was more calories! It’s bizarre. So it really does pay to eat clean and train mean!

I was supposed to hit the gym again in the morning for LBT, but it’s such a rush round, I’ve actually cancelled it and will do a workout at home. Most likely Shaun T’s Total Body Burn, which takes 45 minutes. It’s a really great all round workout and I always enjoy it. So it’ll make up for not going to class.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it there for tonight as my laptop is about to die! Am typing at record speed tonight so that it doesn’t die before I hit the publish button haha. So, with that said, thank you for reading as always.

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

24th May

Hey folks,

So yesterday was ComicCon. I’d love to say that it was amazing, incredible, etc etc…. but in all honestly it was a bit of a let down. Well, when I say let down, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration…. but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. My stress and anxiety levels were high the whole day; from getting the train, tube and DLR there, to walking through the epic crowds at the convention. I don’t do big crowds very well, and being a sold out event, there was a lot of people there. We were constantly being bumped, or rather barged, into and people were so rude about it too! They walked into me, yet gave me the dirty look as if it was my fault! You couldn’t really get to any of the stalls to have a good look either, and the friend that we went with was totally doing my head in! He kept darting off in all directions, and in order to not lose him, we had to dash after him! So even when we did get chance to stop and look at something, we ended up then having to go after him. All in all it was a very long and disappointing day to be honest. It didn’t help that we didn’t have any sleep either, so were exhausted before we got there.

We made up for the lack of sleep though; sleeping in until 1pm today! We made it to nearly midnight last night before going to bed, so getting 13 hours sleep was so good. Admittedly I still feel pretty wiped out today, but nothing compared to yesterdays exhaustion. Been relaxing all day today as well, and just had a really lush hot bath, so feeling more human now. I did get a really good photo with someone dressed up as Darth Maul from Star Wars yesterday:


And a couple of the bat-mobile from the new computer game! –

10443016_10203134403520988_4565916377044583216_o 11312975_10203134403560989_4866883929897781690_o

But that was it for photo’s. As I said, couldn’t really get near anything to take photos really.

Tomorrow I have an interview to get my old job back at Primark. Well, when I say old job, it’s actually a different role I’m going for. Retail Assistant – Sales Floor. Rather than Customer Services, as my stress levels really couldn’t handle that. I’m looking forward to the interview in a way, as it’s with the same person that I was originally interviewed by, and she’s really nice. Can have a laugh with her as well, which is cool. I’m hoping I find out there and then to be honest, as I hate the waiting game. But we shall see.

After my interview it’ll be lunch and then hitting the gym! So looking forward to getting back and working out. Even though the last time was only Friday, it feels like a long time! I really do love the gym, it’s like my second home. It’s my time out from the stresses of life and basically my me-time! It’s definitely my happy place.

Mood wise I’ve been a bit all over the place the last 24 hours. Lack of sleep really does affect my moods a lot, more than it used to when I was younger. Ugh, am getting old haha. I may only be 30, but I feel more like mid-60’s sometimes! Today I’m feeling a lot calmer and happier than I did yesterday, so that’s good. Am hoping it was just down to the stress of it all yesterday to be honest. Only time will tell though I guess!

Anyway, that’s it from me for today. It’s time to sort out some dinner, and relax with my lovely hubby. Can’t believe how quick this week has gone with him off work. Wish we could go back and do it all over again 😦 Love spending time with him, lazy lie-ins and doing whatever, whenever. It’s really nice. Ah well, normality has to resume at some point I suppose. One more lovely day to go, being bank holiday tomorrow, and then he’s back to work on Tuesday. I shall make the most of tomorrow!

Right, really going now! Thanks as always for reading folks, hope you’ve had a good weekend! Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x