27th April

Hey folks,

So, I’m still in pain! Lots of it. Isn’t DOMS wonderful? haha. I know it’s for the greater good and all that, but I really wish it would stop now. I long to be able to walk properly! Been going around the house on my tip toes most of the day. Managed a short walk this morning, but I’m not sure it was such a good idea, as they’ve been more painful since! Everyone was telling me to get mobile as quickly as possible, but it hasn’t seemed to work for me! I can cope with any other ache from working out, but calf pain is brutal.

Anyway, in other news…. well, once again there isn’t really any! All I’ve done today is rest and try to stop my legs from hurting! I did make the call to the council though, and as predicted, they can’t do anything. I’ve got until the 14th May to pay the outstanding for April, plus May’s payment as well! It’s a joke. I’ve emailed the benefits people to see if they can review my claim and see if I’m entitled to anything extra. We’re really struggling at the moment.

Argh, this pain is really beginning to suck the life out of me! I can’t do anything and it’s driving me mad! Even simple things like walking to the kitchen for a drink is torturous! Ah well, no pain no gain and all that….

Mood wise I’m doing okay, just a little stressed out about the financial situation. It gets more ridiculous by the day! I hate being reliant on benefits to get by, but not being able to work leaves me with no choice. I do have my temp work coming up in May and June which will help a little, but it’s only a few hours, so won’t bring in all that much. There’s always something that needs to be paid for and very little money to actually pay for it! As they say, too much month and the end of the money!

Anyway, that’s enough moaning for one night! Sorry folks! It’s getting dark now and I can’t get up to put the light on, so can’t see what I’m typing really any more! Hubby dearest is engrossed on the Xbox so can’t do it either! Oh dear …..

Thanks for reading as always lovely people 🙂 take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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