20th April

Hey folks,

Tonight I’m not quite so upbeat as I have been lately; I have a cracking headache for a start, that’s driving me mad. Also, it was weigh in today, and I gained another flipping pound. I was really fed up about it earlier on, but after talking to some gym buddies on a Facebook group, they’ve put things into perspective for. I’ve been working out hard these last couple of weeks, so it’s likely that I’ve gained muscle, which weighs more than fat. Also, my body fat % has gone down, so I have lost something in that sense! They also made me refocus on the fact that I said I wasn’t going to focus on the number on the scales! I often forget that, when I don’t see the results I want. Truth is, my size 16’s are getting looser, and parts of my body are starting to change, so I am moving in the right direction overall.

As much as it’s frustrating to gain weight, I can totally see all of their points about looking at it in a more positive way. Gaining muscle isn’t a bad thing, so weight shouldn’t really be given too much thought. I do need to revamp my diet though, as I’m still not eating as clean as I’d like; once all the rubbish food is out of this house, there won’t be any more purchased. I’m going back to basics, like meal planning and cooking from scratch. It’s not like I don’t have the time to do so, so I need to really focus and get back on track. I also need to stop worrying so much about the number on the scales!! I promised myself that I wouldn’t and here I am doing it again! All I need to do is tweak my diet, and carry on training hard as I have been. Eat clean, train mean, as they say!

As far as training goes, today was quite a good session. I did the Fat Burn programme on the bike, after 7.5 minutes on the rower (1500m). The Fat Burn programme is pretty hard going, but it’s worth it for the calorie burn. It takes 30 minutes, plus 5 for a cool-down. I can’t remember exactly, but was approx. 130 calories I burnt off. After that, I hit the weights (after getting my PT to kick the guys out of the ladies room!). I then squatted 5 sets of 10 reps at 10kg. Last week I managed two sets of 10 reps at 15kg, but this week I was being cautious because of my knees.

Speaking of my knees, I’m having issues with them at the moment. Intermittent pain in the front of the knee joint. It comes and goes, but when it’s there it’s pretty darn painful. It kind of feels like the joints are crunching together as well, which can’t be good! So, I think I need to get them looked at, sooner rather than later. I’m not sure whether to skip LBT and do that tomorrow, or wait it out another day and get them looked at on Wednesday morning. Can’t quite decide. At the moment they seem okay, just a little achey from my squats. Will judge it in the morning I think.

In other news, well, there isn’t really any other news. Life seems to revolve around the gym right now, just can’t wait to start seeing serious results.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it there for tonight, head is really pounding so off to take some pain killers and crack out the old faithful 4head!

Thanks for reading, as always 🙂 Take care, stay strong and until next time….


x Sara Phoenix x


2 thoughts on “20th April

  1. I find it hard to not focus on the numbers on the scale too. I have lost 4 and a half stone and kept it off. My muscle mass will have increased and my body fat will have decreased. Like you, I am a bit of a gym addict!

    I noticed you are having issues with your knees. I have suffered with knee pain on and off. Have you checked that you are wearing the right trainers for the exercises you are doing? I was wearing the complete wrong trainers for the exercise I do (I do Les Mills Bodycombat, Bodypump and Bodyattack, Insanity, Pilates and Spin). I bought new trainers and initially the knee pain increased during the transition period of getting used to my new trainers. My friend who is also my PT noticed I had leg muscles that support my knees. She gave me knee strengthening exercises to do. I also opted for low intensity alternatives during my classes and lowering my weights during leg exercises to give my knees a break. All this has helped. Listen to your body if you are in pain. It’s not worth causing serious damage. I can’t wait to get back to the gym after a three week break due to being a holiday so I know what it’s like to not exercise regularly when I am so used to it. However, my knees have loved the break.

    Keep up the good work. You sound like you are doing amazing x

    • Hey. Thanks for the message 🙂 Well done on the weight loss 🙂
      Yeah having issues with my knees, but have had them looked at and there’s nothing actually wrong, just a little too much activity!
      I’ll speak to my PT about strengthening exercises.

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