17th April

Hey folks,

So very tired today…. still made it to the gym though, but took it easy. I’ve got my PT session tomorrow, so didn’t want to push too hard today. I did try something new though, the Lat Pulldown machine! Only did 2 sets of 10, 1 set at 4.5kg, and 1 at 11kg. Really enjoyed it, so will definitely do that again.

I’m looking forward to, but also nervous about, my PT session tomorrow! I always get nervous, as I never know what to expect with D; he did say we’ll be practising deadlifts though, so that should be good. It’s not until 5pm now, so I’ve got all day to psych myself up for it haha. It’s looking likely that I can carry on training as well, so I’m proper happy about that! I love my sessions and was really sad to think it was coming to an end.

I’m in a really good mood tonight, just wish I wasn’t so tired! I think I slept quite well last night, but yet it feels like I haven’t slept at all! Fighting to keep my eyes open tonight!

My legs are quite sore today, after Ladies Tone yesterday. There was a lot of squats and lunges involved, and am feeling it for sure today. Not as much as my poor cousin though, bless her. I feel her pain though, as she’s in the state I was when I had my first PT session, so I know how she feels.

I’ve not done so well on the old diet today… it was all going so well until I succumbed to some chocolate! Never mind, I’ll no doubt work it off tomorrow haha.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it there for today, nothing much else going on to talk about! My life seems to just revolve around the gym at the moment! Tomorrow will be day 6 in a row! Ah well, it’s all worth it!

So, thanks for reading 🙂 take care, stay strong, and until next time….


x Sara Phoenix x


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