29th March

Hey folks,

Today’s been really chilled out, as I’m nursing an injury or two! I think I pushed a little too hard with Shaun T yesterday. I now have a sore left glute and shoulder!! A hot bath and some deep heat has helped a little, but the yoga I tried to do earlier did not haha! Oh well….

Hubby and I did go for a short walk in between rain showers as well! So for a rest day I’ve been quite active, oops! I’m hoping my shoulder is better by Tuesday as have Legs, Bums and Tums booked! Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym, working my legs and giving my shoulder a rest. I’ll also be paying my PT and booking my first session, eeeek! Exciting but scary too.

Having lost an hour of the day has made today feel quite short…. which sucks a bit! But am looking forward to the week ahead, providing my shoulder doesn’t get in the way of my plans! One thing I will miss this week (and the following two weeks), is Rock Choir. We’re on Easter break now, summer term starts on the 21st April, so it’s ages away! I’m going to be relying on the gym to keep my sanity!

I’m currently listening to Absolute Radio 80’s haha, hilarious and some serious cheese!

Can I have a new shoulder please?! This one is doing my head in!

Not sure what else to write about really, so shall leave it there rather than just talk crap!

Thanks for reading as always lovely people; take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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