14th March

Hey folks,

Today has been a good day; had a nice lay in, coffee, then headed over to see my mum and take her some flowers for mothers day tomorrow. Then this afternoon I did my workout and had a lovely long soak in the bath. Feeling really happy and content today 🙂

Currently watching Dr Who with the hubby, getting our geek on haha! Going to do my nails again too, as got some really pretty ones to do next. Will post a photo tomorrow.

Mood wise I’m doing really well at the moment, feeling good and happy 🙂

If you’re struggling, remember this:




Oh, and I’ve planned my next tattoo:

images (21)


Right, I shall leave it there for today. Just want to chill out and watch Dr Who for the rest of the evening! Sorry this has been a brief post, but not much going on at the moment to talk about….

Thanks for reading as ever, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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