13th March

Hey folks,

Eek, another Friday the 13th! Mine’s been a pretty good day though all in all, so I can’t complain.

Saw my GP this morning, who is sending me for hormone blood tests, in order to see what’s happening and why I’m not pregnant yet. I won’t go into much more detail than that, as this isn’t really the place for it to be honest. But, basically, the balls are in motion for future planning ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s all I’ll say on that matter!

My mood has been pretty good too; started the day in my usual way, 8-9am working out. I love that hour of the day, no matter how hard it is to get going. I always feel way better afterwards. Some days it is hard to get myself going though, when I’m particularly tired or like this morning, not feeling particularly well! I think I’m brewing another damn cold! I seem to be like a magnet for them at the moment; get rid of one, and simultaneously catch another shortly after! Ah well, am taking a multi-vitamin pill now each day, so hopefully that’ll help!

Aside from my workout and seeing my GP, I got my housework done and eagerly awaited my Sports Direct delivery! It’s all here now, and have tried it all on. The shorts are quite short, but I’m going to be getting hot inside, so it won’t matter. Will just be the walk round from hubby’s work to the gym that’ll get me (funny looks no doubt!)….

I’m ridonkulously (yes that is a made up word, but I love it!) excited to join the gym, and wish I could do it now to be honest. But I have to be patient and wait until I’ve saved the money for it. Deciding to actually save the money from not smoking, is a great incentive to stay strong and not give in to temptation. Plus, you don’t see many smokers outside of gyms do you?! No, haha. I honestly can’t wait to get stuck in and start losing weight again. I’m going to work out all my calories and do a diet my own way, rather than follow something. See how that works out for me. If all else fails, I’ll jump back on Slimming World. I just fancy a change for now. I might try the 5:2, and do my fast days on non gym days maybe. Will see how things go ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I think that’s all from me for today; nothing else really happened worth writing about!

So, thank you as always for reading, take care, stay strong, and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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