10th March

Hey folks, 

Just a quick update off my phone tonight, as not long in from Rock Choir. Finished a bit late tonight as I stayed behind to run a solo 🙂 felt really good and went better than I expected it to! So feeling really proud of myself at the moment. 

Have spent 90% of my day sleeping today, have just felt so overwhelmingly tired. Not sure why. Managed to get my workout done, which was 2 DVDs back to back today, stepping up a bit now! I think it’s 2 again tomorrow too. I was even more exhausted by the end of that. 

Tomorrow I have CBT again, as I’ve got a doctors appointment on Friday so couldn’t do it usual time this week. I’ve been naughty and still not done any mindfulness or meditation like I’m supposed to. It was a task R set me to do. Oops. Oh well. Have been working on the goals I set last week anyway, so can’t do it all! 

Right, am off to my bed. So very tired! 

Thanks for reading folks, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x 


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