8th March

Hey folks,

Having such a lovely day today; went for a 3 mile walk with the hubby, no mobile phones, just us two. It was so nice, and the weather is beautiful too.

I’m having difficulties typing because of these beauties –


Only £1 from Primark, but look pretty good. Hard getting used to having such long nails though, and typing is somewhat more difficult! Getting used to them though, sort of haha!

Today was also weigh in day, after 1 week of Hip Hop Abs – I lost 2.5lbs!!!! I’m well happy with that, considering I’ve not been following any diet, just eating whatever whenever. It feels like a miracle to be honest, and I’m loving it! I was wondering what the results would be if I’d followed a diet of some sort! But the results are still great none the less, and I’m really enjoying HHA’s, so it’s all good 🙂 I might try watching what I eat for a week and see what difference it makes. Going to do a weekly shop soon, so will try make better choices.

Anyway, I’m off to spend more time with my lovely hubby, Sunday’s are our new “date” days 🙂 love it!

Thanks for reading as always, take care, stay strong and I’ll leave you with this 🙂


Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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