7th March

Hey folks,

I’ve been trying to think of other things I can write about in my blog, other than the day to day, mundane things…. but have drawn a blank! When I was in the midst of the deepest depression, it felt like I had endless posts, and so much to say. But now, I got nothing! If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to let me know!

All I can say for the activities of today is, I did my workout and a load of laundry! I’ve not done anything else…. hardly blog-worthy and doesn’t really inspire anyone!

Yesterday I spoke of our financial situation; which has been sorted! I managed to sell the iPhone 4, making £80. So we’re all good on that front now, thankfully! I was getting particularly stressed about it! Now hubby has fuel in the car to get to work, and we’ll be okay to get food for a week. I feel so relieved about it 🙂

Speaking of finances, I was working out the amount it cost to smoke each month! It worked out at roughly £20 per week, so £80 per month. And I’ve decided to actually start putting it away and then put it to good use – on a gym membership! I’ve really gotten back into my fitness, and once Hip Hop Abs is done, I really want something else to go onto. They run classes as well as have the gym, at my village sports centre, so I don’t even have to go far! It varies in price, from £27 per month, up to £42. The lowest price only allows you to use the gym, and in off-peak times, classes then cost on top of that. The £42, is unlimited access, to the gym, pool and all of the classes. So I may well go for that, then I can show up and do whatever, whenever I feel like it. Considering the £80 saving, that’s only half of that, so all in all, not too bad. So at the end of March, when I finish Hip Hop Abs, I’ll be heading up to the gym to join in April. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

In other news, something I’ve not mentioned in a while, is my self harm free count! 332 days 😀 The year anniversary is slowly creeping up on me, and it’s feeling great! I feel increasingly proud of myself, and can’t honestly remember the last time I had the urge to cut, it’s been that long! It’s such an achievement for me, as it’s something that I struggled with for years, and I never thought I’d ever break free.

I don’t really have much else to report for today; just spending it relaxing, reading and enjoying the sunshine. Spring is coming!! I will endeavour to make my posts more interesting at some point, in the meantime thank you for reading my daily ramblings! I’m now up to 193 followers now, so welcome to the latest of you, and thank you for joining my journey, it truly means a lot.

Have had a couple of lovely comments recently about how inspiring, courageous and great my blog is, which is a great feeling, and makes it all worthwhile. Even if it’s not all that interesting! At least I’m showing up every day to write something, however seemingly insignificant!

Right, that really is it from me for today, going back to reading my book – P.S, I Love You by Cecelia Ahearn – in the sunshine 🙂 take care folks, stay strong, and until next time….


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