4th March

Hey folks,

Blogging early again today, as want a nice chilled evening of doing nothing.

Today’s been an okay day, still feeling pretty low though. Felt alright after Rock Choir last night, as I had fun. But it seems I slept off my good mood, and woke up feeling terrible again. It’s getting really frustrating now. I just want to be stable.

I got dinner on in the slow cooker this morning, then did my workout. It was a different DVD today, so it was a nice change. It was called ‘Ab Sculpt’ and I certainly felt it in my abs! I really hope it works, getting sick of the sight of myself! 😦 Had to wear size 18 jeans last night as my 16’s were too tight 😦 it’s so depressing, considering this time last year I was a 10/12. A lot can change in a year, especially when you get lazy with your diet. I’m trying so hard not to eat so much junk, but at the moment it’s cheaper that way. Being skint really doesn’t help, as fruit and veg is so expensive.

Tonight there’s a documentary on at 10pm, channel 4 about Bipolar; definitely going to be watching that. Might learn something perhaps….

Ugh, so tired. Could happily just go to sleep now; probably will if I’m honest. I can never make it through a day without some sort of nap! I don’t know whether there’s something wrong or whether it’s my medication or just part of being bipolar! I wish I knew so that I could sort it out. I get to the point where I just can’t keep my eyes open any more. It’s like I have Narcolepsy or something :/ Might ask my doc about it and see what he says. I did just google it, and my symptoms do fit. Contrary to popular stereotype, not everyone with it will have catoplexy, which is when you fall asleep on the spot at random times. It can just cause excessive sleepiness and disturbed sleep at night. Which is what I have. Watch this space….

Anyway, will leave it there for today, losing concentration.

Thanks for reading as always; cannot believe there’s 189 of you following this blog now. I feel truly blessed and grateful to each and every one of you. So, thank you for following my journey.

Take care, stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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