31st March

Hey folks,

So we reach the end of another month already! Where is this year going? It’s totally flying by!

What have I achieved this month? – errrr….. well I’ve joined the gym, gotten myself a PT and am overcoming my OCD. So a fair bit really for me!

Overall it’s been a good month, of good moods and good things all round! Which makes a nice change for me πŸ™‚

Today was another good day; went to the gym this morning for LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums). Found it quite hard some of it with my bad shoulder, but I gave everything a go as much as I could. And sooooo many squats haha.



Tomorrow is my first official session with my PT! Eeeeeeek. Excited but scared too, as I know it’s going to cause pain! Good pain, but pain none the less haha. It’ll be worth it. Should also be discussing my diet plan and what I can do at the gym in between PT sessions, as I’m only doing one a week for now.



So determined. I know I can achieve my goals, I just have to work hard and put the time in. I’m going to make the most of my PT sessions and hopefully learn a lot about working out on my own. I know tomorrow is going to be hardcore, but I’m so ready!

Oooh, I’m getting a free Hip Hop Abs t-shirt for completing the programme, and submitting my before and after shots πŸ˜€ very cool haha. I’m looking forward to wearing it to the gym.

We’re on Easter break from Rock Choir at the moment, and I’m missing it already, it’s only the first of three weeks off!

Anyway, I’m going to log off now and relax in a hot bath. My legs are pretty sore after LBT!

Thanks as always for reading; take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


30th March

Hey folks,

Another good day in my world; went to the gym this morning, and worked off just over 200 calories. Cycled 7 miles and 1500m on the rower! Not much, but better than sitting on the sofa at home πŸ™‚

Also paid my PT for a months worth of sessions πŸ˜€ Rather excited!! And a little scared! We’re going to work on upper body this week, then lower next week, then repeat. I’m having problems with my shoulder at the moment, so will have to watch what I’m doing, but I trust him. First session is Wednesday morning.

After the gym I came home and had lunch, then just relaxed. I’ve got LBT tomorrow morning, which should be good. I’ll have to tell the instructor that I’m injured though, so if I have to sit some things out then she’ll understand. I want to try and do as much as possible though, to get the most out of the workout. It was really good last week, exhausting, but good. Plus, after the pizza I’ve had for dinner tonight, I need to do it to work it off!

I’ve realised I’m going to be in the gym every day this week, I must be mad! πŸ˜› All I seem to talk about these days is exercise and fitness! Ah well, there’s worse things I could be addicted to I suppose!

There’s really not a lot else to write about today to be honest; sorry to disappoint! Rather than ramble on about rubbish, I shall leave it there. Thanks for reading as always folks.

Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

29th March

Hey folks,

Today’s been really chilled out, as I’m nursing an injury or two! I think I pushed a little too hard with Shaun T yesterday. I now have a sore left glute and shoulder!! A hot bath and some deep heat has helped a little, but the yoga I tried to do earlier did not haha! Oh well….

Hubby and I did go for a short walk in between rain showers as well! So for a rest day I’ve been quite active, oops! I’m hoping my shoulder is better by Tuesday as have Legs, Bums and Tums booked! Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym, working my legs and giving my shoulder a rest. I’ll also be paying my PT and booking my first session, eeeek! Exciting but scary too.

Having lost an hour of the day has made today feel quite short…. which sucks a bit! But am looking forward to the week ahead, providing my shoulder doesn’t get in the way of my plans! One thing I will miss this week (and the following two weeks), is Rock Choir. We’re on Easter break now, summer term starts on the 21st April, so it’s ages away! I’m going to be relying on the gym to keep my sanity!

I’m currently listening to Absolute Radio 80’s haha, hilarious and some serious cheese!

Can I have a new shoulder please?! This one is doing my head in!

Not sure what else to write about really, so shall leave it there rather than just talk crap!

Thanks for reading as always lovely people; take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

28th March

Hey folks,

I’m a rather excited person tonight! I’ve got the money to book in with my PT πŸ˜€ When I say excited, I’m both that and scared in equal measure haha. Looking forward to it though at the same time, and the results that I’ll get from it too.

Well, the end of my Shaun T programme happened today; sad times! I really enjoyed it, and will probably do it again at some point, maybe in the months between having PT sessions! As I won’t be able to afford it every month I don’t think. But we’ll see. Here are the results….

I lost the following inches –

  • Waist -3
  • Chest -3
  • Hips -1
  • Arms -0.5
  • So a total of 8 inches lost.

And 5lbs.

Over the space of 4 weeks, without following a diet either. Just doing the daily workout, 6 days a week. I’m quite proud of the results to be honest. I’m not brave enough to post the photo’s of before and after, but I can tell you for sure that there’s a visible difference. I’ve shown a few close friends, and they’ve been amazed. It feels good, and it’s given me the fitness bug! I absolutely love working out, and the endorphins! πŸ˜€ I know I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of me to get to where I want to be, but I’m determined and will be fit and slim! D will help me with both a fitness programme and sort out my diet as well.

I can’t believe there’s only 3 days left of March! Where is this year going?! The clocks go forward by 1 hour tonight too. My year anniversary of self-harm clean is rapidly approaching too, that still amazes me! I’m so proud of myself πŸ˜€

Sometimes when I feel a bit low I remind myself of all the battles I’ve foughtΒ and won – alcohol, self-harm and nicotine. 3 things that I used, abused and destroyed myself with. Looking back I’m not proud of what I’ve done to my body, that’s for sure, but I’m looking after it now, almost 100%! You only get one body to live your life in, and it deserves respect. As they say, it’s a temple, so treat it as such! My body is recovering and healing from all that I’ve thrown at it; the human body really is a remarkable machine. The way it can repair itself is incredible. I’ll never get it back to where it would of been had I not abused it, but as close as I can! The next addiction I need to address is caffeine! It’s not really that good for you, so it’s something I want to reduce in my diet. I also need to cut out the junk food…. I know when D looks at my diet he’ll have a lot to say haha.

I feel really good tonight, and I’m trying not to let stress get the better of me! It’s the usual stuff, financial worries! It’s not as bad as it has been, but bad enough to concern me. I’m just lucky I have some amazing friends and family. I wouldn’t of been able to afford my PT sessions if it wasn’t for the help of a really generous friend πŸ™‚ I’m really grateful and feel truly blessed to know such awesome people.

Anyway, that’s enough waffle from me for tonight, time to pamper myself in a hot bath and relax πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and as always, take care and stay strong! Life is worth fighting for.

Until next time….


x Sara Phoenix x

27th March

Hey folks,

Today’s been another good day!! I did my usual morning workout of Shaun T (only 1 more day to go!), and then had the most random urge to go for a run!! I waited for a while to see if the urge went away, but it didn’t, it just got stronger! So, I got changed and went out! It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t continuous, but I power walked/jogged 2.5 miles in 34 minutes! Am really proud of that, and D was really impressed. My legs do ache a fair bit now, but it’s worth it. I really enjoyed it and plan on doing it more often.

The rest of my day was pretty much spent in front of the tv! Not that there was anything interesting on, I just had no energy left! But mood wise, I’ve felt really good today πŸ™‚

Today also marks 5 years of marriage for me and hubs too πŸ˜€ We’ve not done anything really for it, as he had to work, but we had a chinese for dinner. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already, that time has really flown. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, and he’s supported me through a lot of downs! But we’re stronger than ever now, and I love him so very much. I’d truly be lost without him. He loves me, flaws and all πŸ™‚

Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff!!

As I said above, tomorrow is my last day of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs. It’s been a fun 4 weeks to be honest; have really enjoyed the workouts and I can definitely see a difference in my body. I feel fitter as well, especially when I went for my run earlier. My endurance has improved too. I think the biggest thing for me though, is the fact that I quit smoking. My lung capacity has increased and I find it so much easier to breathe. I used to get really breathless, but now I don’t πŸ™‚ I can take a deep breath and not cough, and that’s a great feeling. I’m so glad I quit.

I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge of the gym from Monday onwards too. As I think I said yesterday, I’ve booked in for 2 classes next week (Tuesday and Thursday), then doing my own thing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So 5 days in the gym, then probably rest over the weekend. Or perhaps a run/walk. Will see how things go! I will be fit and slim, am so determined!

Food wise I’ve done okay today, apart from the chinese! But I’ll work that off in the morning with Shaun T and probably another run, weather depending! It’s meant to rain all weekend…. but if it’s not torrential I’d be tempted to head out anyway! (Yes I’m really that mad and into my fitness right now!).

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for today; thanks for reading as always.

Take care, stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

26th March

Hey folks,

Another good day in my world; feeling really good, albeit a little achey still! Did my workout this morning, then decided to clear out the bedroom! Looks so much better and I think it’ll help me sleep. Sounds odd I know, but when the bedroom is messy I seem to struggle sleeping well. I suppose it’s that feng sui malarky….? haha. I tried to get my head around it once before, but never really got into it!

I’ve only got another 2 days of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs….feels weird that it’s coming to an end! Not sure why! But, it does mean the start of my next mission: the gym! I’ve booked Legs, bums and tums for Tuesday, and Ladies Tone for Thursday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be doing my own thing….eek! Not quite sure where to start really, but until I’ve booked in with D I’ve just got to make it up as I go along! Any exercise is better than none though πŸ™‚ Hoping that by mid-April I’ll be working with D though and really seeing results. (For those of you who are new to my blog, D is my personal trainer!). I’m really looking forward to it all, even though I know it’s going to be hard work; but it’ll be so worth it.

I’m determined to get the body I want! I’m thinking positively and will put in the work to get what I want πŸ™‚


I know I can do anything I put my mind to, and when I want something, I go all out to get it. I will be in a size 10 by the summer! πŸ˜€ I’m already shrinking out of a size 16, so that’s a good start! At least I didn’t get as big as I was before. The days of me being a size 22 are long gone behind me! Never going to get that big again. Getting back up to a size 16/18 was bad enough! I’m a little addicted to fitness now, I love my morning workout, it really sets me up for the day πŸ™‚

images (24)

I’m just feeling good in general these days, which is good for me! I spent a lot of time down and miserable these last couple of years, so it’s about time I got some happiness back in my life! I’m feeling really proud of what I’ve accomplished as well – Beaten alcohol addiction; took back control over self-harm; and the most recent, conquered nicotine addiction. 3 really big things for me, and it’s made me realise just how strong I really am. I guess I can also say that I’m winning the war over my OCD demons as well! So that’s 4 things in 2 years. Pretty epic really.

Looking back scares me, just how bad things got. But I’m not going to dwell on it. Everything happens for a reason, and they say that you really have to hit rock bottom in order to come back stronger. I really feel that I have done so. Rock bottom isn’t a nice place to be, and I was there for far too long. But I fought back, and here I am to tell my story. I know I’ve probably said all this before, but some days it just amazes me what I’ve been through in life and what I’ve overcome.

Getting a little emosh now, so best leave it there! Let’s just say I’m living proof that mental illness doesn’t have to mean the end; to be honest, it’s really just the beginning of a journey, and it’s worth fighting every day. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my journey; I know how mad that sounds, but it’s given me a lot of life lessons and I’ve learnt a lot about myself over that time.

Anyway, that really is all for today! Thanks for reading lovely people. Take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x

25th March

Hey folks,

Today’s been a good day πŸ™‚

Spent a lot of time resting, as I’m really aching from FB and LBT classes! But I managed to do my Shaun T workouts (yes, there was more than one today!). Can’t believe I’ve only got 3 days left of it! Have really enjoyed it, and will definitely give it another go at some point; and use the workouts for between the gym probably. Have booked in for LBT again next Tuesday! Enjoyed that one for sure, even though it was hard work! But worth it, as to be honest they are my trouble areas!

Mood wise I’m feeling good πŸ™‚ part of me missed the gym today though, haha. Think I’ve gotten addicted to it….!! Next week is when I start my own little routine, fingers crossed! Am aiming to work out for roughly an hour, as I’ll get a lift in with hubs and be at the gym just before 8am. In order to get a free bus home, I’ve got to occupy my time until 9.30am. So, an hour or so working out and a shower should pass the time quite nicely.

Am really hoping to get going with D, my PT, in April as well, money depending. I’ve worked out that I can afford it in theory, as I was spending Β£120ish a month on smoking! Now that I’m not doing that, I should be able to find the money for healthier endeavours! Will see when the time comes! As it’ll be from my PIP money most likely.

I’m trying so hard to stick to healthy foods, and not eat so much crap too. I’ve done really well these past couple of days I think, so am hoping that plus the exercise, reflects on the scale on Sunday. That’s another thing D will look at, my nutrition. So am trying to get into good habits now, then I’m half way there! In a way I’m looking forward to Sunday, as I’ll be re-taking my measurements after the 4 weeks of Shaun T. I’m intrigued and a little scared haha. I know there’ll be inch loss as my clothes are getting loose!

Anyway, that’s all from me for today lovely folks! Tomorrow is another semi rest day; other than my Shaun T, I’m not attending the gym. Getting myself ready for next week! I think taking on classes as well as Shaun T was a little bit too much, oops!

Right, that really is all for tonight! Thanks for reading as always, take care, stay strong and until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x