28th February

Hey folks,

So another month down of 2015 already. It seems to be flying by! Another month survived in my case! I’ve fought some battles along the way, but am still here to tell my tale as they say.

I’ve just gotten back from a meal out, that was amazing!! We went to a restaurant called Miller and Carter; a steakhouse. It was the BEST steak I’ve ever tasted! Cooked to perfection, and melts in the mouth. Followed by the nicest chocolate brownie and ice cream! Amazing doesn’t even come close! This photo isn’t of my meal, but very similar:


The restaurant itself was lovely, and the staff were great.


Today has been a good day 🙂

This morning I went to town to get a Nano SIM for my iPhone 5, and then met hubby when he finished work to go do a food shop. Oh the rock ‘n’ roll life I lead haha. After that we just chilled out and I set up my phone, until our friend came to take us out for the meal.

My mood has been fairly good all day to be honest; the best it’s been all week. Long may it continue!!


Smiley me, yay!

Anyway, I’m off to relax with the hubs and get an early night; am shattered.

Thanks for reading folks, take care and stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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