19th February

Hey folks,

Feeling pretty crappy today to be honest; not quite sure why. Don’t feel particularly well physically, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Have been reasonably busy during the day, but have felt so unmotivated I’ve really struggled with simple tasks. Even doing the laundry seemed to take me an age. I’m creeping lower by the day and it’s starting to worry me somewhat.

Of course money worries are still at the forefront of my problems right now; I seriously cannot wait for hubs pay day to do a proper food shop and get back on track with my dieting. I’m feeling so miserable about my weight, I just wish I could do something about it sooner. But, I’ve just got to plod on for another week and hope the gain isn’t too bad. Although I weighed myself yesterday, and am nearly back to the weight I was when I rejoined Slimming World. That’s depressing.

I know I can do it when I put my mind to it, and I also know that I’ve done it on a reasonably tight budget before. For some reason though this time it’s different. It’s like I can’t get my mind in gear or something, and it’s just not happening for me. As soon as there’s money in the account I’m going to make a proper effort to get my mojo back and get back on the wagon. I have to. Otherwise I’m just going to end up where I started, again.

I’m hoping for good things from my new workout as well. The claim is losing approx. 6 inches in just the first week alone….so we shall see. I’m going to really work hard at it, and fingers crossed I’ll see results. I’m going to follow it to the letter, and make a note of all my measurements before and after. I’ll post the after results on here, but definitely not the before! I’m far too bashful for that haha!

I realised earlier that I’ve not done the homework for my CBT either this week; it completely slipped my mind. So now I’ve got to think back, and fill in a weeks worth of a diary in one evening. Not an easy feat! I’ve also got a load of questionnaires to fill in again as well, which I’ll do once I’ve posted this. It’s an early appointment tomorrow, 8:45am, for 1 hour. I do look forward to it though, more so than I used to with the group therapy. I love just being able to relax at home, and chat via on-line messaging. Works so much better for me.

Anyway, I best get on with the homework task, before my brain totally gives up on me today! Soooooo tired!!!!

Thank you for reading as always, stay strong and take care, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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