16th February

Hey folks,

Today has been a bit better, really chilled out and I got to see both of my beautiful God daughters. The eldest is feeling a bit poorly at the moment, so wasn’t really very talkative, but was still good to see her.

So tomorrow is the big day, my 30th birthday. It’s come around pretty quick. Not sure how I feel about it at the moment. Half dreading it, half looking forward to it I guess. I’m making the most of saying I’m 29 today, that’s for sure. Will take some getting used to saying I’m 30! I don’t really feel in the mood to celebrate it to be honest. It’s just another day to me really. I know it’s a big birthday, but I can always celebrate it at a later date, when I’ve actually got the money to do so. I’m being taken out for a meal at the weekend, by a really good friend of ours, which will be nice. Apart from that, I’m not doing anything special. Just chilling out with my lovely husband, who has some time off work.

I don’t really know why I’m in such a low mood at the moment; I think it’s a combination of being poorly, having no money and getting older! None of which I can really do anything about. I hate not having control of things. I feel very lost and weird at the moment. Can’t really describe how I feel, just not happy. Constantly tired, and just generally fed up with how things are right now.

Have made the decision to leave Slimming World group. I just can’t afford the fiver a week to go. It’s a shame as it was the motivation I needed to stay on track, but it’s just bad timing financially. I will endeavour to do it at home on my own, well with the support of a couple of friends who are also following it from home. I know how it all works, it’ll just be hard not knowing syns, as I won’t have use of the app or the website soon. Once the consultant has removed me, I’ll be locked out. The next couple of weeks will be hit and miss, due to lack of money and just eating what we can afford to (which isn’t much!), so will re-start my “diet” on the 1st March. I’m starting Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs on the 2nd of March as well, so that should get me into shape hopefully! I’ll probably start my diet then too, as will weigh in and take all my measurements before I start my new workout routine.

Anyway, there’s not really a lot else to say today. Haven’t done anything worth writing about other than what I’ve already said!
So, with that I shall bid you good night! Take care and stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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